The Sunnyside Complex is currently comprised of three fires: the Clover Fire and MM49 Fire (along the Highway 12 corridor between Lenore and Kamiah) and the Iron Gate Fire (located approximately eight miles southeast of Clarkia.) 

Clover Fire

As of Tuesday, Sept. 15, the Clover Fire is estimated at 1,632 acres and is approximately 95% contained. Firefighters continue patrolling and mopping up interior hotspots or hazard trees which could pose a threat to structures, powerlines, or containment lines.  Interior smoke will likely continue to be visible as tree stumps smolder, but the containment line is quite secure. Crews have begun suppression repair and a Resource Advisor has been evaluating suppression rehabilitation needs.

MM 49 Fire

(See information with photo on this page)

Iron Gate fire

The fire is approximately 115 acres and is approximately 50% contained. The gain in acreage was due to more accurate mapping and not related to fire growth.  The southern portion of the fire has burned downslope to West Fork Stony Creek where moist conditions have minimized fire spread. Firefighters have completed handlines along the eastern fire perimeter, hand line and hose lay along the western perimeter, and dozer line along the northern perimeter above the road.  Additionally, much of the western and northern fire perimeter has been mopped up, and fire managers plan to turn back management Clearwater-Potlatch Timber Protective Association Wednesday.

Tuesday, crews continued to mop up and began suppression repair activities (including installation of water bars along dozer lines). A small road segment that leads into the fire (locally known as the “Iron Gate” road) is currently closed to the public.



Travel on Highway 12 is currently restricted to a single lane with a pilot car guiding traffic through the MM49 fire area (approximately MM48 to MM53), and the road could be temporarily closed at times for public safety.  Please use caution to avoid rolling/falling debris in the area, expect a potential 60-minute delay in the area, and if possible, select alternative routes between Orofino and Kamiah.

Vehicles are being allowed to turn either direction from the Greer Bridge onto Highway 12.  Stay up to date with current road status and conditions by visiting

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR) have been lifted from the Clover fire; however, a TFR is still in effect around the MM49 fire area. Temporary flight restrictions also apply to unmanned aircraft systems (drones), so if you fly, we can’t!  No evacuation orders are currently in place. For information about evacuation status, please contact the appropriate county Sheriff’s Office: Clearwater County Sheriff’s office – 208-476-4521 and Lewis County Sheriff’s Office – 208-937-2447.

Special announcements

A virtual public meeting will be held at 6:00pm on Facebook (  Air quality in the area is currently unhealthy due to a combination of both area smoke and drift smoke from large fires in Oregon and California. Check for current air quality conditions.

Weather and

fuel conditions

Heavy smoke from west coast wildfires will continue today. Temperatures are expected to be 70-80 degrees and relative humidity should be 25-30%. Meteorologists predict that a low pressure system could arrive for the weekend, helping to move smoke out of the area and potentially bringing precipitation.

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