KLER Radio and all it’s staff are excited to announce it’s time once again for the 10th annual “Stuff the Bus”.

Excitement is probably not the right word for it however. While yes, we do enjoy getting out into the public and helping load non-perishable foods and sundry items into our school bus to stock the shelves of the three area food banks, we would rather all like to hear there was not a need for these institutions.

KLER Radio does this because we know there’s a need to help some families who’ve fallen on tough times.

Clearwater County families have always come together to help their neighbors.

So Friday morning, Nov. 20, at 10 a. m. you’ll see our big yellow bus parked in front of LCCU on Johnson Avenue where we’ll begin our live broadcasts encouraging everyone to go through their cupboards and find good useable food items to drop off.

Please pay close attention to expiration dates as foods long past their stamped date cannot be accepted at the pantries.

At 1 p.m. the bus will be at P1FCU where for two hours we’ll again be live on AM-13 KLER asking for your help.

Saturday begins day two of the event when we’ll be in the parking lot of Orofino Marketplace. Inside the store they have pre-bagged items in different dollar amounts that make it easy when you checkout to just drop the bag with our broadcast crew.

We head to Barneys Harvest Foods for a 1 – 3 p.m. collection and finalize our broadcasts.

We weigh our bus and hope to surpass the year’s previous total. We always aim to hit the 2-ton mark.

Why 6,000 pounds might you ask? Would it surprise you that when all is said and done, the three food banks; Lifeline food bank, St. Theresa’s Catholic Pantry and the Seventh Day Adventist Church food bank will dispense all this food just to cover the following Thanksgiving Holiday?

We ask you join us to help make just a few days in the lives of those who are struggling right now just a little brighter. Your cash donations, food and personal hygiene products along with items including laundry detergents will all be greatly appreciated. See you at the 10th annual KLER Stuff the Bus this weekend!

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