Elk City Wagon Road Celebration

Bill and Gloria Jacks will be the parade grand marshals for the Elk City Wagon Road celebration.

Bill and Gloria Jacks will be the parade grand marshals for this year’s Elk City Wagon Road Celebration, set for Saturday, July 18.

They are long time Clearwater residents and the heart of Clearwater.

They stated, “We would like to say thank you for the privilege and honor of being Grand Marshals.”

Bill moved to Clearwater in 1948 with his parents, one brother, and three sisters. Bill went to school at Clearwater and graduated at Stites in 1958.

Gloria started school at Deer Creek above Whitebird, moved to Grangeville, then out by Tolo Lake in fifth grade, and graduated in 1960 from Grangeville.

Bill and Gloria married Aug. 12, 1960 in Grangeville. They had three children Randy (deceased), Darin (Patricia Conn), and Serena (Bill Jackson).

They have three grandchildren, Laci Myers, Callen Jackson and Wyatt Jackson and eight great grandchildren.

Bill worked at Jaype mill for 32 years while they ranched near Clearwater. They shut the mill down or he probably would still be there.

Bill retired from the mill but still works the ranch, running cattle and raising hay. Gloria has a garden and helps around the ranch too.

They love living in Clearwater because they have such good neighbors. They belong to Clearwater Baptist Church, Bill is with the volunteer fire dept. BPC, an ambulance driver and president of the QRO.

Bill is also a board member of the Cattlemen’s Association.

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