Huts for Mutts

Georgia Stewart, Founder & Executive Director of S.C.A. is shown alongside lead builder/craftsman, Chester Smith.

The Idaho Department of Corrections has teamed up with Second Chance Animal (SCA) Inc. to build dog houses for their ‘Huts for Mutts’ program!

Second Chance Animal volunteers and Board Members deliver these shelters to the companion animals of low-income people in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington. 

Chester Smith took extra time and care to make these shelters durable, insulated, and waterproof as the animals Second Chance serves are among the most destitute and often chained/confined to small areas and kept outdoors 24/7/365.  

Not only were beautiful dog houses made by the talented inmates, they also constructed cat shelters with hinged roofs for easy cleaning and access and extra small doors to keep the heat in on cold winter nights.

In addition to these services SCA also offers reduced cost spay/neuter vouchers, free kibble and supplies, and many other miscellaneous services. 

All programs are run solely by volunteers and funded by donations from the public. S.C.A. has been working in the Pacific Northwest for more than a decade now.

They are a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. 

To make a monetary contribution, to donate materials to the ‘Huts for Mutts’ program, or to apply for assistance for your companion animal please visit their Facebook page: @2ndchanceanimal or call/text their Director, Georgia Stewart at (208) 553-5357.

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