Dr Harper

Dr. Dennis Harper

Dr. Dennis Harper realizes the time has come. The locals here know him not only as one of the leading chiropractors in our area but have followed his success world-wide as he teaches other doctors the leading-edge treatment in regenerative medicine. He hopes to represent the citizens of District 7 as an advocate for what is right for the people, and right for the district with smart leadership, as he runs for State House of Representatives.

Harper Chiropractic Clinic opened in Orofino in 1980, and has grown to serve patients from all over the state and beyond.

Harper says he is passionate about health and healthcare. He served 12 years on the Idaho State Board of Chiropractic Physicians. For many years, Harper was instrumental in determining the rules and regulations to govern Chiropractors in Idaho.

He states that he deeply cares about helping others to feel and become the best they can be. He stressed the fact that ‘balance’ is essential. These ethics pertain as much to his motive to represent District 7 as they do to healthcare.

Much of attaining balance is knowledge and a deep understanding of an issue, followed by common sense to support and sustain it, states Harper. Wise decisions take time, and he believes hasty decisions are often made in Boise, before all parties thoroughly understand the implications and consequences of their vote. Harper would like to change that.

After seven terms in the Idaho House of Representatives, Paul Shepherd of District 7 is retiring in November.

“I’m ready to make my move, and I feel strongly about this. I’ve got the backing of my wife, Shirley, and a support staff. I have eight employees already, and I’m able to take some of those resources and actually do the research. There’s a lot of territory to cover in this district. I have the support and a good relationship with Carl Crabtree and look forward to working with Priscilla Giddings as well.”

A Republican for life, with solid conservative values, Harper believes he can help preserve the lifestyle and the principles with which this region of Idaho was made. He understands the politics and has a good sense of how things work or don’t.

In 2007, Harper spent a week to work in the Senate with Skip Brandt. He recalls it was an extremely educational process and has stayed actively involved with politics the past 15 years. 

A resident of Idaho for more than 40 years, Harper explains he purchased property and moved to Idaho for the hunting, fishing, and extraordinary beauty of the country.

Harper is also committed to supporting the groups that work to preserve those assets, and is a member of Northern Idaho Whitetails Forever, National Wild Turkey Federation, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Foundation for Wolf Management and the National Rifle Association. Harper was interviewed by Outdoor Life regarding the economic effects of wolves. 

Harper knows more about the area than many who were raised here. In addition to work, travel and teaching, he makes time to appreciate the land that drew him here on a daily basis.

He reports he has always had the region’s best interest at heart as he worked on various committees with Dworshak Reservoir and the Army Corps of Engineers. He was instrumental in assisting the Corps of Engineers map Dworshak Reservoir access.

He proudly shares his involvement in creating and instituting the Fertilization Program at Dworshak Reservoir which is still in place. He raised a strong voice against the Dworshak Dam drawdowns in the 80’s.

Harper served as a member and former Chairman on the Lewis and Clark State College Advisory Board, and a past member of the Advisory Board for both Governor Otter and Senator Mike Crapo. He was pleased to have worked with Ann Fox to develop a State Charter School.

For more information, visit his website at HarperForIdaho.com, or HarperForIdaho on Facebook.

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