After extensive consultation with public health, county and city officials, our vendors, volunteers and citizens; and after much deliberation and angst the Clearwater County Fair Board has decided to cancel the “open class” portion of the 2020 Fair. We are still sponsoring the 4-H division of the fair and there will be livestock and other exhibits in the Barn only.

Without the benefit of Lumberjack Days and participation from Orofino Celebrations, Inc, there will be no Parade, Food Vendors, Carnival, Logging Show or Horse Pull and after considering that many of the Fair volunteers are in the older generation, the Board felt it would not be worth the exposure to illness or the hassle of enforcing “social distancing” and “mask orders” in the Exhibit Building.

However, we are committed to our wonderful 4-H program and will accommodate as much of a “real Fair” experience as we’re allowed to. Contingency plans are in the works and there are several scenarios that are being covered, but we want (and need) to provide all our 4-H participants, that have worked so hard, with the opportunity to show and sell their livestock.

Again, this all depends on how well we do in controlling the spread of the Virus and any subsequent state-wide directives. So for now, there will be no activities or displays at the Exhibit Building during this fair, but we will be having as much 4-H activity as we’re permitted at the Livestock Barn and Arena during the 2020 Clearwater County Fair, September 17, 18 & 19.

Rest assured that your taxpayer-funded County Fair will return and continue bigger and better than ever, and the Fair Board members remain committed to serving the citizens - and especially the children - of Clearwater County.

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