Nickerson family

Family members and supporters of the Nickersons are shown praying at the site the family has stayed at near Crow Bench Road since being evicted from their home last week.

A week has passed since Charles “Nick” and Donna Nickerson and their family were evicted from their property on Neff Road. The family continues to stay on the side of Crow Bench Road overlooking the 50 acre ranch they once called home. As the weather becomes more inclement, an awning helps to escape the rain. A bonfire will help to keep them a little warmer and maybe a little drier.

Clearwater County Sheriff Chris Goetz, issued a statement early Wednesday, Nov. 13, saying that all of the family’s property had been removed by the moving company as of 12:45 a.m. It was then transferred to storage.

Goetz later added that the mortgage company had agreed to release all the Nickersons’ personal possessions back to them.

Restitution of the premises was made to the bank through their representatives. All law enforcement had then cleared from the scene.

News of the incident traveled far and wide and captured the attention of Ammon Bundy, known for leading the armed stand-off at the National Wildlife Refuge in Harney County, OR, in 2016.

Following his visit to the Nickerson ranch as well as with Sheriff Goetz, Bundy posted his conclusions on Facebook, reporting that he could find nothing in the documents or court records to determine the family had been unjustly tried or forced to leave their home.

Another group to respond to the Nickerson’s plea for help were The Real 3%ers – Idaho.

For those who are unfamiliar with the 3%ers - the name is derived from the theory that only three percent of the colonists were actively fighting in the field against British forces at any given time. The members pledge support in the way of protest and armed resistance, when they believe the constitutional rights of others are unjustly infringed upon.

According to Eric Parker, President of The Real 3%ers – Idaho, three members of the group were sent to Clearwater County to document any evidence or testimony in regards to the alleged due process violations on Nov. 13. Members attempted to secure the proof needed to start a due process violation intervention on behalf of the Nickersons.

The State Investigation team of Idaho, volunteers for The Real 3%ers Idaho were unable to find evidence of the alleged due process violations.

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