Accident near Weippe

Anthony Waldo, Bakersfield, CA, swerved to miss a deer and slid into a ditch, according to a Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office report.

According to a Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office report, deputies responded to a single vehicle accident at the corner of Larson Road and Prairie Road, Weippe, on Saturday, Oct. 19 at approximately 3:04 p.m.

Anthony Waldo, 34, of Bakersfield, CA, was driving a white 2008 GMC Acadia when a deer ran out in front of him. Waldo swerved to the left and slid into the ditch.

There were no reported injuries, and no citations were issued.

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The Clearwater Tribune could enhance its credibility if it would stop buying these “I-swerved-to-avoid-a-deer” stories, stating them as facts. It is rather illogical for a driver to swerve to avoid a deer, accepting instead the crash of an unbraked vehicle into the landscape at speed. Why not use the brakes and stay on the road? Vehicle manufacturers include brakes with vehicles expressly for the purpose of slowing and stopping them. On the other hand, this story does explain why clear crash site evidence indicates no effort to brake prior to running off the road for some reason and wrecking a vehicle. Thus, it is used frequently on investigating police and gullible newspaper reporters. Why not just report the driver’s name and the story he gave to investigators without stating the story as factual?

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