Trustees for Clearwater Memorial Public Library (CMPL) met July 1, Accountant Cathy Judge circulated CMPL reports of the Contract Funds and Corporate Account. Financial monthly bills were reviewed and approved.

Director’s report

By Cleo Castellanos

Principal activities for the month of June were related to planning and organizing activities for the coming Summer Reading session, 2019.

This year’s theme, Universe of Stories, is prevalent throughout the library. Posters of constellations, astronauts, and the space station are on the walls and ceiling. Books and handouts on this theme have been ordered and activities are planned that will enhance and stimulate the interest of the youth participants. Many prizes have been donated. Some of the grand prizes include a necklace with all the constellations and a robot.

Each child will have the choice of a book off our book cart each week as they progress through the weekly levels. There will be a weekly drawing for three different age groups and each will receive a bag including prizes and a free book.

Story time resumed this month in conjunction with our local LEAP program. Each Friday at 2 p.m. Krista Hain presents story time to the LEAP children and others from the community.  

Director Cleo Castellanos was invited to attend the Nez Perce Tribal Commission meeting on June 5. She was requested to speak to the Nez Perce tribal members about Clearwater Memorial Public Library and the library construction. Attendees had many questions, and a slide presentation of the expansion and a copy of the “Roots of the Library” was distributed. 

After the presentation she was asked “how can we help?” The answer was a request for consultation and assistance promoting Nez Perce Tribe historical awareness. Some of the ideas expressed were collaboration with the Lapwai museum to have ongoing displays, native plants for landscaping,   speakers, and signage.

The Book Club continues to expand and has taken a novel approach: instead of everyone reading one book for discussion they are selecting an author and reading a variety of books then coming together to discuss the author’s work and character development. 

Most of the libraries throughout the state and nation have received the 3D printers as grants. In the beginning there was great interest and curiosity. The library participated in demonstrations and had some requests for medical models to use in lectures.

Of late, the requests are for toys or puzzles, (placing orders) this takes staff time and does not encourage learning.

To facilitate a more educational approach the library hopes to provide classes so that those wishing to use the 3D printer will understand they will have to learn to design the item, and/or at the very least download a file to a flash drive to print and operate the printer. Sign up time for the printer use will be established much like is now being done for computer use.

Foundation report

The “Shindig” Fund raiser was another success adding approximately $9,000 to the library expansion project. Thank you to all who played a part in making it such a hit!


Friends of the Library have offered financial assistance to include purchasing shades for the twelve new front windows and updating railing in the children’s area.

New business

Construction report for Phase 3 – Adjustments are being made in the children’s section i.e. relocation of the juvenile section to the middle of the building and the craft section to the front.

A topic/suggestion discussed at the ID risk management session was the potential liabilities the library could avoid by establishing policy/procedure for background checks of new employees.  The procedure in Orofino would entail a record request from the City Police.

Trustees approved the motion to change the personnel policy to include a background check for all future employees   Present employees will not be requested to have a background; (all but one has had background checks in their previous employments).

Old business

Signatures on account changes are almost complete, CMPL is still waiting for paperwork from Edward Jones.

The next meeting for   CMPL Trustees will be Aug. 5.

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