Chris Goetz

Clearwater County

Sheriff Chris Goetz

I am running for reelection to the of Office of Clearwater County Sheriff because I am a proven leader, the most experienced candidate and best qualified for the job.

I am the only Idaho Certified Peace Officer in the race. My current Idaho Peace Officers Standards and Training (Idaho POST) certifications include: Basic Peace Officer, Intermediate Peace Officer, Supervisor, Management and the highest level of certification available, Executive.

I have had specific training in: Dispatch Management, Jail Management, Civil, Uniformed Crime Reporting, Instructor Development, FBI Command College, DEA Narcotics Investigation, SWAT Commander, High Risk Warrant Service, Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) along with numerous Detective, Supervisor, Risk Management and Executive level trainings.

I have lived and worked in Clearwater County for almost 22 years. I first started at the Sheriff’s Office as the Weippe Resident Deputy in 1998.

After working in Weippe for two years I transferred to Valley Patrol. In 2001 I was promoted to Narcotics Detective. Then in 2003 I was promoted back to patrol as a Patrol Corporal and then to Patrol Sergeant, In December of 2005 I was appointed as Chief Deputy and then elected as Sheriff in November of 2008. I was elected again as Sheriff in the 2012 and 2016 elections.

My leadership as Sheriff has made the Clearwater County Sheriff’s Office one of the best trained and most respected law enforcement agencies in the region. Here are some of the things that have been accomplished while I have been Sheriff:

Went from Basic 911 to Enhanced 911, Text to 911 and now GPS location for cell phone 911 calls. This project included a dispatch center remodel with two full functioning stations.

The Jail is currently certified using the Idaho Jail Standards and has been the entire time that I have been Sheriff.

Body cameras for all of our patrol staff and Tasers for all of our Jail and Patrol staff.

A focus on training: Over the last two years Sheriff’s Office Employees have attended 6,432.5 hours of Idaho POST Certified classes. When divided out it is 95 hours per employee per year. That does not include in house training and out of state specialized training. On top of that we have four POST certified instructors that over the last two years taught 304 hours.

As Sheriff I serve as the law enforcement representative on both the Region 2 Behavioral Health Board and the State Hospital North Advisory Board.

I am also a member of the Idaho Sheriff’s Association Board of Directors and the Secretary for the Idaho Association of Counties.

I was the President of the Idaho Sheriff’s Association in 2015 and in 2016 awarded the Mills-Adler Award from the Idaho Association of Counties as an Outstanding County Elected Official.

I was also recognized for Exceptional Service by the Incident Management Teams during the 2013 and 2015 fires.

Community involvement is something that I believe to be important. Being actively involved in several volunteer organizations has allowed me to meet, work with and get feedback from many Clearwater County citizens. These are people that give their time to their community because they want to make it better, something I strive to do every day as Sheriff.

Here are some of the things that I am currently involved with:

Weippe Rodeo Association- 20 years;

Sunnyside Rural Fire District- 14 years and currently Assistant Fire Chief;

4H Leader- 4 years;

2019 Leader of the Year

Livestock Sale Committee, for market animals at the fair- 2 years;

4H Leaders Council- 3 years;

Currently President

School Superintendent Advisory Group- just started this year.

Please vote Chris Goetz for Clearwater County Sheriff in the May 19 election.

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