On behalf of everyone at the Extension office, our heartfelt concern goes out to all those who lost homes and other property during the recent wildfires. Unfortunately, destructive wildfires are becoming all too prevalent in much of Idaho and other western states in recent years.

I want to remind everyone who was impacted by the fires that we have information at the Extension to help you in the recovery of your land after wildfire.

For example, we have a Wildfire Recovery Information Packet that we used for the fires in 2015 that has information on erosion control, grass seeding, tree survival, managing your forest and pasture after wildfire, as well as many other wildfire recovery topics. We also have stand-alone publications that cover wildfire recovery topics such as recovering rangelands, weed management after fire, salvage logging, and forest restoration.

Finally, we have publications on how to reduce the risk of future wildfires to your home and outbuildings as well as a video of a workshop that was offered last month on this topic. We also offer workshops on ways to make your forestland more resilient to wildfire and other stressors.

To obtain any of these materials please stop by the Extension office in Orofino at 2200 Michigan Ave. or call 208-476-4434 or email clearwater@uidaho.edu to have these publications mailed or emailed to you.

We sincerely hope that everyone affected by the recent fires will be able to quickly recover from the material and emotional impact of their loss.

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