The City Council of Elk River, as governing board, will hold an open public hearing on Wednesday, June 16 at 9 a.m. in the Community Center located at 112 South 2nd Street, Elk River, to make a final decision on the following Action Item:

A subdivision request (SD20210604) by Rob Davis to divide a total of 14.60 acres, as shown on the preliminary plat Davis Estates, into 15 lots: Parcel (1) 0.41 acres, Parcel (2) 0.36 acres, Parcel (3) 0.26 acres, Parcel (4) 0.50 acres, Parcel (5) 0.24 acres, Parcel (6) 0.67 acres, Parcel (7) 0.36 acres, Parcel (8) 0.72 acres, Parcel (9) 1.37 acres, Parcel (10) 1.12 acres, Parcel (11) 1.10 acres, Parcel (12) 2.49 acres, Parcel (13) 1.46 acres, Parcel (14) 1.32 acres, Parcel (15) 2.09 acres.

This property zoned R-1, the Residential District, is located in Section 26, Township 40 North, Range 2 East, near 212 South Front Street, 306 South First Street, and 35243 Dent Bridge Road, Elk River.

Oral testimony will be received at the open hearing. Speakers may be limited to three minutes and may not relinquish their time.

Written comments are accepted and need to be directed to the City of Elk River, 112 South 2nd Street, PO Box H, Elk River, ID 83827, faxed to 208-826-3209, or emailed to

For any additional information, please contact the City of Elk River at 208-826-3209.

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