Pam Garrett

Pam Garrett

Pam Garrett is an enthusiastic, cheerful woman who loves the senior population and loves improving their quality of life. Recently she started exercise classes Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at the Ascension Lutheran Church here in Orofino at 10 a.m. You can connect with her at 512- 939-1601.

Conscious of the new Covid-19 care required, Pam says, “I sanitize everything and there is plenty of room for good spacing. It is a non-judgmental, healthy environment and any who desires to wear masks or gloves, etc. are welcome to do so.”

A certification in fitness through American Seniors Fitness Association has allowed Pam education for her career. It has been a good thing. She has seen seniors set free from walkers and rejoiced as they were able to rejoin their social lives as a result of exercise, proper eating, and spiritual growth.

Her business, SNP Fitness stands for Spiritual-Nutritional-Physical fitness, three elements that she believes in. She says she loves the Lord and has for the last 20 years.

“Fitness is about everyday life improvements, being able to walk up stairs and not having to worry about your balance. It’s about muscle strengthening. It’s about being able to live your life more comfortably. It’s about getting off the sofa, getting outdoors and having a renewed life physically and spiritually.”

One of the things she likes about Orofino is that she has found many people with strong faith. “What’s more important to me is the relationship that you have with the Lord, but if you have other people around you that believe like you do, it just fortifies what you believe in.”

Pam has had eight years working with seniors and loves to build relationships with each one. If someone has difficulties she arranges for a break to give individual attention to resolve issues and share tips on how to go about resolving the problem.

When asked how she and her husband found Orofino, Pam said it was a break down with the RV which landed them in a camping spot here in the Orofino area last year. It was she and her husband John’s first time here, and, as Pam puts it, “We just fell in love with Orofino.”

They began traveling in an RV when it came time for him to retire, with a goal to travel and see the country while discovering that special place where they would eventually retire. They wanted to see things they had never seen. She says, “We have travelled a lot and seen a lot. We still have miles to cover, but we’ve made our decision, Orofino is our retirement community in the end. We still want to go to Canada.”

They began their travels last year in March with reservations in Oregon and Washington. It landed them right in the middle of the Covid pandemic. Things were closed and everywhere they went they were cancelled.

But that is when they found the RV park in Orofino, got settled in and fell in love with it.

The travels have catered to another love of Pam’s, photography. She has attended the Farmer’s Market here in Orofino, and sold her photos. Wherever she goes she sells them but gives many out too just to spread the joy and beauty they represent.

Of photography she says, “I see beauty in almost everything from an old building to a flower, to an animal, to a cloudy sky, to a hillside that’s got five or six different shades of green and gold, and in people, just expressions. It’s a way of expressing, of capturing memories and beauty that you can’t tell someone about. They have to see it. Your pictures do that for you and it’s beautiful.”

Pam is all about quality of life, with her photography, with her classes, and with her outlook.

She’s about, “Sharing what you love with people you love.”

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