At a council work session on Jan. 5, led by Chair Jennifer Dunaway in the absence of Mayor Sean Simmons, the following items were addressed:

OPD seeks larger and

more accessible facility

It was announced that Clearwater County is considering selling the Orofino Medical Park building on Michigan Avenue. Police Chief Jeff Wilson introduced to the council the idea of possibly purchasing the building to accommodate the Orofino Police Department.

Wilson went on to describe the current office’s many challenges for space, privacy, and accessibility

City Administrator Ryan Smathers recommended moving forward to learn more about the building. Council member Mark Swayne requested to get a structural inspection on the foundation. Chief Wilson was also advised to check with Ziply Fiber or Inland Cell regarding high speed internet.


services agreement

Clearwater County’s Emergency Management Coordinator, and seasoned firefighter, Don Gardner is representing Orofino Rural Fire Department (ORFD) in negotiating and renewing the fire service agreement with Fire Chief Jon Hoyt and the Orofino Fire Department.  Additional information and confirmation of Orofino Rural Fire land taxes have been requested.

Mutual aid agreement

A draft copy of the mutual aid agreement between the city and the county was presented to council members. Orofino Fire Chief Hoyt commented on the need for guidelines and standards in the forthcoming rescue and emergency medical services agreement.

Gardner and Hoyt will work together to define calls and referencing actual costs. Education and other solutions will be sought. Hoyt explained that he saw no reason to make further changes in the contract, but believed verbiage would need to be modified in the new agreement.

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