Sometimes there comes along a unique book that has a character all its own.

Inspired by the late Leigh Boyd, this book is a collaboration of family recipes, hints, fun quips and sayings, and other oddities. Leigh’s sister, Brenda Capps says, “It’s not just a book – It’s a good read.”

In a tragic vehicle accident, on Aug. 2, 2000, Leigh lost her life, but this collection of hers was found in her home by her mom and sisters. Leigh had discussed wanting to create a cookbook and had collected her recipes, sayings and the like from the time she was a teen. Her mother, Jean McCarter, along with sisters, Jackie Cram and Brenda, collected the information for that first edition. It tied her family together in a project that would give the world a very unique cookbook.

Although it was not published on the first round, (but was simply put into printed form at that time), the family enjoyed sharing it with other members of family and friends who knew and loved Leigh.

When Leigh’s note collection was discovered, it was her mom and sister, Jackie, who did most of the compiling and sorting since Brenda had to return to her job in Granite flagging. They worked at it for about a year before taking it to the printer. Organizing such a diverse collection made it quite a challenge!

The title of the book, “Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery 1804-1806 Recipes and Collaborations Of A Time Gone By…,” was chosen by the first printing company G&R Publishing. Brenda and Jackie made a trip to Lapwai to see if this title was acceptable and workable with the Nez Perce Tribe. They were then able to add the section in the front which shares about Lewis and Clark, as well as including some of the native words of the Nez Perce and a portion on braiding.

This book truly is anything but a regular cookbook with its many interesting subjects. There are even instructions on how to cook for five or six hundred with a backhoe! There are hints to do all kinds of things, such as what to do if you run out of mayonnaise and how to get certain kinds of stains out.

There are quotes to make you smile from Leigh. It’s a cute story to learn how these items came about. It seems Leigh always had the last word. If you said, “Goodbye” she would come back in the door to say, “See ya!” So when Jean, Jackie and Brenda got together they decided to let her have the last word on the pages of this book. Scattered throughout you will find quotes such as these: “Better to let ‘em wonder why you didn’t talk than why you did.”

“On the road between the home of friends grass does not grow.”

“Try to fix the mistakes – never the blame,” are just a small sampling!

Brenda decided to go forward with the publishing, knowing that Leigh had had a great desire for this to take place. She saved up and this last year the book became a reality. Ironically, the publishing date is Leigh’s birthday, May 1.

Currently you can purchase the book by going to Dorrance Publishing, 585 Alpha Drive, Suite 103, Pittsburg, PA. 15238; web site . The Clearwater River Casino and Lodge, as well as Franz Bakery, in Lewiston, have the book in stock locally. You can call Brenda Capps, at 208-827-3748, for your copy. If you type in in the Amazon search under books you will find it there.

This book is dedicated to Leigh Boyd and has this quote written in the front: God made us all family, but LOVE made us all friends.

Leigh left behind a daughter, Kristine, and a son, Thomas. The finished copy is by: Jackie Cram, Brenda Capps, and the late Jean McCarter, who passed away in 2014.

Brenda has plans to tour the Lewis-Clark Trail to present the work. She says, “This book is kind of a conglomeration of everybody. I don’t think anybody took credit for anything. But it was inspired by Leigh.”

Brenda says, “Leigh dreamed about this. She talked about it. She is remembered by everybody as sweet, good, and kind. She was awesome, loved horses, loved kids, she was LIFE. Her kids didn’t know what a babysitter was. If they couldn’t go, she didn’t go. She was the student body president, she was straight A’s …. Never got in trouble (Never got caught!)”

This legacy book done in memory of Leigh (an Orofino High School Class of 1981 graduate) reflects what a true treasure her memory is to many.

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