Because this article will be published during the storm some of this information could change.

This current storm is very unpredictable but what we do know is that it will last for several days, will drop one to two inches of rain and the rivers and creeks will rise. NOAA weather service tell us that this storm is hard to predict. We will get plenty of rain in our area but where the thunder storms will hit, we just don’t know.

The Clearwater River is predicted to rise to action or minor flood stage on Thursday, stay at that level for about 20 hours and then start going down Friday morning. Action and Minor flood stage on the Clearwater typically does not put anyone at risk. What you don’t want to do is stand on the edge of the river as it may be unstable.

Many of our creeks will also rise. We are keeping a close look at the following creeks. Orofino, Whiskey, Flume, Jim Fords, Grasshopper, Elk and many of the unnamed seasonal creeks.

What this storm will also do is cause low area flooding on streets and yards. If you live in an area that typically sees some flooding, and if you can, protect your home from the running water. Also remember your pets, and make sure they have a place to escape the rain.

Be cautious when traveling and be sure to have your Grab & Go Bag with you. Make sure your vehicle has enough fuel and If you come to water flowing across a road. Be safe. STOP! Turn Around Don’t Drown.

For updates listen to local radio stations like KLER AM/FM. Watch Clearwater County’s Facebook page and check out local reports on 6C Weather, also on Facebook. Make sure your NOAA weather radio is turned on and check the NOAA weather conditions and alerts on the Internet.

This event should be over by this weekend but the runoff will take a little more time. Be safe and look after your friends and neighbors. Now for some good news. Next week we find that we get to enjoy some normal dry weather.

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