Activity is increasing as we move toward Christmas. We have set up a “Santa Replica” above the fireplace in hopes that “Saint Nicholas soon would be there!”

This is a great time of the year to be involved with our retired population. They are a wealth of stories of Christmas past with many to draw from. It is always a great time to visit and maybe even adopt a grandparent if yours live far away. This time of year, it is easy with a natural topic of Christmas. You can discuss church traditions, the Bible story of why we celebrate Christmas and the true meaning. The children delight in stories about Santa Claus. Everyone enjoys time together, hot cocoa and cookies!

A ’Secret Santa’ brought Brookside Landing an igloo and penguins gingerbread house. The picture in no way captures the detail and love that went into this project. It is a must see! It has produced many “Ohs and Awwws” so far with more to come from anyone that comes to see it.

The Youth ChalleNGe Academy put in an appearance last Saturday to help wrap presents and decorate around our home with the residents. They are coming back Wednesday Dec. 12 to sing Christmas Carols and in general help celebrate.

We are very fortunate to have the Youth ChalleNGe Academy come to Brookside throughout the year to perform service work and visit with our residents. They add so much, and they take great pride in their service to us.

One of our residents has a favorite Christmas painting and she is sharing it with our whole community by allowing us to hang it in our living room for the Christmas season.

Again, the picture cannot do justice to this great display. It is wonderful that our residents feel comfortable enough to treat each other like family and share their special memories and belongings.

On the 19th, the elementary school Student Council is coming to spend some special time with our residents. I was told it was the students idea and they are preparing and very excited to come spend time with us.

If you want to come spend time with us, bring some songs, or just come and visit and share about this special time of year. Please give us a call and we will make it happen.

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