At Brookside Landing we make every effort to have activities that add value to the lives of our residents. The goal is of course to have them active and engaged and even entertained to certain degree. Brookside Landing is well blessed to have many volunteer musicians who come and share their time and talents with us. This is a great addition for our Activities Director to supplement WII Bowling, building puzzles, Bingo, Bunco, Ice Cream Social, Pinochle, trips shopping, walks around our building, and anything else we can put into the mix.

A European orchestra director once said, “Music comes from heaven, you just need to pull it down.” Music has been a part of mankind’s existence for as long as anything else. Music promotes better physical and mental health.

There are seven noted ways music helps:

Relieving boredom

Motivating movement

Rekindling positive memories

Shifting negative thinking patterns

Calming nervousness

Encouraging happy thoughts

Promoting social interaction

Over the course of time, I am going to ‘spot light’ the wonderful people that come to Brookside Landing to share music with us. There is no significance to order. I will just start presenting them to you as I catch up with them all.

Richard Whitten comes to Brookside Landing on a regular basis and plays a variety of musical instruments and a wide variety of singing styles. The two mainstays in his sharing are the accordion and the piano. He also sings opera, hymns, and folk tunes. He gets the residents to join in a lot of the time in the old sing-a-long style.

Richard wrote this for me to add:  “I really enjoy playing music and singing with the residents at Brookside and it does at least as much good for me as it apparently does for them! To see their faces “light up” when they join in singing favorite old songs and especially favorite hymns is a truly rewarding experience for me! When I was young, people used to regularly sit around the piano at home to sing and talk, and it is a great loss to all of us that such joyful activity is no longer popular!

“I feel like I am part of the family of residents at Brookside. Many have become personal friends over the years that I have been joining them at “Happy Hour” and otherwise at Brookside. We share a lot of Humor, much of it, Self-deprecating, on my part. I often make fun about my playing, singing, etc. and they love it.”

Richard’s observances of how music affects the residents bares great witness to the above referenced article about the benefits of music. Thanks Richard for being a great part of our Brookside Family!

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