Brookside Landing - Eliza Booth

Eliza Booth is this month’s Brookside Landing’s “Music to our Ears” featured musician. She is shown here playing the piano for Brookside Landing residents.

During June’s musician highlight, we covered a bit about the benefits to the residents of having music in the program. This month I want to mention the benefits to the volunteers.

Brookside Landing, staff and residents, cannot express adequately how much we appreciate our volunteer musicians. If you come by while we are having music, you can see for yourself how much the residents enjoy it and turn out and participation is highest for this type of activity.

Knowing that the residents benefit from this was supported in the previous article.

This month I checked the research on benefits to the volunteers. It turns out there is good benefit for them as well. I want you to know they all tell me they get so much out of coming and doing music here. Now I have checked the studies and it turns out this is a supported concept.

Six benefits of volunteering are:

  • Dopamine Rush - this can be as significant as after a good physical workout.
  • Longer Life – can be traced directly to staying active being connected. Mental Health Benefits – Service to others takes the focus off self which is great for mental health.
  • Lower Blood Pressure – Good for your heart because studies show lower risk of high blood pressure amongst those who volunteer.
  • Managed Stress – volunteering is relatively stress free alleviating side effects of high stress activities.
  • Better Self-Esteem – knowing you brought some joy to others is a real boost to how you feel about yourself. Volunteering is something to be proud about!

This month’s highlighted musician is Eliza Booth. With her early start into this volunteer world, she should be nearly invincible.

Eliza Booth is a twelve-year-old girl who has been visiting Brookside Landing for three and a half years, sharing the joy of music with the residents. She has been playing piano for five years and it is truly a gift from God. The passion for music has been with her since she was a toddler.

Through the years she has had several teachers and has learned different skills from each one. Her current repertoire includes classical pieces, oldies and big band, hymns and current Christian songs, as well as sing-along favorites.

For the past couple of years she has also led worship for the 6 p.m. evening service at Wells Bench Community Church.

When not sitting at the piano she spends her time volunteering in the community and with favored hobbies. She loves horses and critters, crafts, sketching, reading, cooking, bird watching, and propagating and potting succulents. This summer she plans to spend time each week at the Farmer’s Market, selling her potted plants and crafts, and enjoying time with family and friends.

Being one of the regulars at Brookside Landing, Eliza usually visits at 10 a.m. on the 2nd Tuesday of the month. Come by and see for yourself the great interaction. It will put a smile on your face.

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