Music is the key to good health! I have referenced the benefits of music before but when I pulled up some research this month I found this proclamation that music is the key to good health.

The article actually leads with the assertion that music can help with chronic back pain. Music works on the autonomic nervous system- the part of the nervous system responsible for controlling our blood pressure, heartbeat, and brain function- and also the limbic system- the part of the brain that controls feelings and emotion. Listening to music on a regular basis helps our bodies relax physically and mentally, thus helping to relieve and prevent back pain.

The second claim in the article is that music helps with your workout. This needs a bit of an adjustment to apply to Brookside Landing but the basic premise is music can distract from the monotony of routine making the general atmosphere more pleasant.

There is also a relationship between music and endorphins. Our natural ‘feel good’ hormones.

The third eventuality highlighted in the article is help with memory loss. You probably remember singing to help you memorize material. The one universal case of this is the Alphabet Song. I hate to admit it but at times I need to ‘sing’ in my head to remember which letters come in which sequence.

This month’s highlighted musician is the local band Alice and Friends. The band is comprised of Alice Humphrey on saxophone, Tom Simpson on bass, and Lu Beardsley on piano.

Alice and Friends come to us at Brookside Landing regularly once a month and every once in a while, they come for an extra time.

Brookside Landing residents turn out to see them and have a bit to say about them:

“Good musicians. They wake me up!” – Lois

“They are good. I like the saxophone” - Charlotte

“I think they are great. I could listen to them all day!” – Donna

“I enjoy them. I used to play the saxophone.” - Barbara

As always, it is fine to come by and enjoy music with us. You will see for yourself what a great time we have and the benefits are great too!

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