We are sad to say that we do not have a Savvy Senior for this month’s column. We had a fascinating one lined up, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they had to cancel.

We are very disappointed, but not throwing in the towel on our Savvy Senior features. And, we are still holding out hope that the Savvy planned for this month will be able to do an interview in the near future.

I love all sorts of news, but feature stories on people that tell about their lives has always been one of my favorites. One of the first things we frequently here when we call and ask potential “Savvys” if they would be interested being featured in our column is, “I have nothing to tell,” or “My life was not that interesting.”

For the ones that agree to be interviewed, even after voicing their feelings of being lackluster, when I sit down with them to hear their story or read the article after reporter Elizabeth Morgan has compiled it, I am always fascinated.

I have not come across a Savvy Senior that has failed to surprise me with a story of their life, some from their younger days, and some in their present adventures. Many with both! We are currently looking for suggestions for Savvy Seniors.

To be a Clearwater Tribune Savvy you just have to be old enough to qualify for senior discounts at our local grocery stores (which is 55) and have a story to tell, which, we have found, everyone does.

So, if you have a suggestion for a Savvy, or if you would like to be featured, please give us a call at 208-476-4571 or e-mail us at cleartrib@crebridge.net. We would be thrilled to share your story with our readers.

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