The Big Guys - Ted, Merk and Ray

“The Big Guys”, Ted, Merk and Ray have been playing together for over 21 years now!

The Big Guys are guest “stars” at Brookside Landing

This month, our appreciation goes to “The Big Guys”. This local favorite is comprised of Ted Leach and Merk Cannell, originally. Ted and Merk started together in 1997 on an RV camping trip to Three Rivers Resort. Merk and his wife Lin were playing and singing in their trailer and Ted knocked on the door and asked, “Did I hear music?” Ted’s wife Donna came looking for Ted and found him happily singing ‘every song in the book’ with Merk and Lin.

Ted and Merk have been playing together for over 21 years now under the name that Donna suggested because it fit so well, “The Big Guys”.

In 2016, Ray Jones asked if he might add his banjo to the group. Ray let Ted and Merk know he would be interested in joining them if they were interested in having him. A few months later it happened. Ray says it took him six months to adapt the banjo to the Big Guys style but eventually he blended right in.

The residents of Brookside Landing enjoy all the music that is donated but I must say there is a very universal acceptance of the Big Guys as their favorite. The best times are when the residents sing along. They do with most everybody but they seem a little more enthusiastic to join the Big Guys.

While we appreciate all our musical guests it always humbles me when I ask them to write a little blurb about themselves for my article. Ted, Merk, and Ray each wrote their own for me. Each has a very impressive background that includes performances and recordings. Their presentations to me really breezed over their long, very impressive musical backgrounds. Each of them took time to mention how much they enjoy playing for us and other organizations. When I thank them for playing for us each time they always thank us for having them.

If you have an event you need music for, you should visit us on music day for a live audition. The Big Guys play every other Wednesday at our Happy Hour at 4 p.m. You are welcome to join us for The Big Guys or any of our other music.

My goal in the music articles is to express our heartfelt appreciation for brightening the lives of our residents. Music is very nearly a universal cure for what ails us all and makes even a good day seem better.

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