University Communications and Marketing at the University of Idaho is pleased to release the list of graduates during Spring Commencement.

A total of 1,522 degrees were distributed. In-person ceremonies were May 15-16 in Moscow; May 18 in Boise; and May 19 in Idaho Falls.

Spring 2021 Dean’s List Idaho Region 2

Dashiell E. Tyler-Letters Arts & Social Sciences B.S. Psych/Communication Stdys, Orofino.

Hannah L. Reggear-Agricultural & Life Sciences B.S.A.V.S. Animal, Vet & Food Sciences, Orofino.

Hans M. Sween-Engineering B.S.C.E. Civil & Environmental Engr, Orofino.

Hayden R. Zywina-Business & Economics B.S.Bus. Accounting, Orofino.

Mariah L. Roever-Natural Resources B.S.Nat.Resc.Conserv. Natural Resources & Society, Orofino.

Shelby M. Bird-Business & Economics B.S.Bus. Business, Orofino.

Gabriel I. Nelson-Engineering B.S.M.S.E. Chemical & Biological Engr, Pierce.

Josey M. Stemrich-Letters Arts & Social Sciences B.S. Sociology & Anthropology Sociology & Anthropology, Weippe.

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