The following supplies listed have been determined as the necessary materials for each student to have in order to be prepared for school each day. Since these supplies are necessary for a student to be be prepared for class, parents may be asked to replenish during the year should your child’s supplies become depleted or unusable. Classroom supplies will be utilized by all students and do not belong to an individual student. Please do not label items with your child’s name. EACH STUDENT WILL BE REQUIRED TO HAVE A PAIR OF GYM USE ONLY SHOES FOR PE.


1 watercolor paint set; 2 large pink erasers; 2 boxes of 12 crayola crayons (primary colors); 2 glue sticks; 2 folders with pockets inside; 1 pack of EXPO markers; 1 bottle of soap; 1 box of tissues; headphones.

First Grade

24 #2 pencils (Ticonderoga); 2 large pink erasers; 2 boxes 12 crayons; 6 glue sticks; 1 pair Fiskar scissors; pencil box; backpack; 1 box tissues; headphones; watercolor paint set; 1 bottle hand soap; Expo markers.

Second Grade

12 sharpened wood pencils; 1 pkg of pencil top erasers; 1 pkg of 24 crayons and/or 1 pkg colored pencils; 2 glue sticks or 1 bottle of glue; 1-2 pocket folder; 1 pack dry erase markers; pencil box; 2 boxes of tissues; headphones; 1 wide ruled notebook; 1 white 3 ring binder (1 inch); 1 pair scissors.

Third Grade

24#2 pencils; 2 pink erasers; colored pencils; 4 glue sticks; 2 3-tab pocket folders; 1 pkg Expo markers; pencil box, 2 boxes tissues; over ear headphones; 2 composition notebooks; 1 bottle hand soap.

Fourth Grade

4 pkgs #2 pencils (Ticonderoga preferred); 1 pink eraser; 1 box colored pencils; 6 glue sticks; 2 folders; 2 pkgs of 4 or more EXPO markers; 1 pair scissors; 2 spiral notebooks; headphones or earbuds; pencil box; 1 pkg of skinny markers;1 box tissue; 1 water bottle with closeable lid.

NOTE: Students will use the supplies they bring/please label.

Fifth Grade

24 #2 pencils; 2 large erasers; 1 box colored pencils; 2 glue sticks; 2 folders; 2 pkgs EXPO markers; 1 bottle Elmer’s glue;

3 highlighters different colors; 3 pkgs 100 index cards; 1 pkg college ruled paper; 3 composition books; 1 box Kleenex; 1 red and 1 blue pen; set of headphones.

Sixth Grade

Sturdy 3 ring binder with metal rings 2 or 3 inches; 6 70-sheet college ruled notebooks; pencil pouch with rings to hold in binder; 48 #2 pencils; 2 large pink erasers; 1-2 pocket folder; 1 pkg 200-sheets of college ruled loose paper; 1 pkg- 100 index cards; 2 highlighters 1 yellow, 1 orange; 1 pkg colored pencils; 2 bottles rubber cement.

Seventh – 12th Grade

Sturdy 3 ring binder with metal rings 2 or 3 inches; 6 folders;1 pkg 200 sheets college ruled loose paper; 48 #2 pencils; 6 college ruled notebooks; 3 pkgs 100 index cards; 2 pkgs highlighters; 1 pkg colored pencils; 1 pkg blue or black ink pens; 1 box Kleenex; 1 calculator; ruler/with centimeter.

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