I thought I would take a moment to give thanks to everyone for helping JSD171 be successful day after day!  

Along with the thanks, there are a few updates I wanted to share.

Inclement Weather: Please be sure to have your contact information up to date with the schools. We will be sending out notifications as soon as we can to keep you informed of any changes in school schedules. These decisions are based on the safety of travel. We try to make these decisions as early in the mornings as possible, but as you know, the weather does not always happen overnight.

We work with County and State road crews as well as getting out there ourselves to help make these decisions. We will be posting in the usual places by utilizing our website, skyward, radio, tv, and social media pages such as facebook and twitter. Please have alternate plans made for your student in the event of school schedule changes due to inclement weather.

Training: I was able to attend the annual ISBA (Idaho School Board Association) convention in Boise as well as ISDC (Idaho School District Council) meeting. The convention had some great speakers and sessions. Trustee Greg Gerot and Cristine Erbst attended along with Trustee elect Brian Craig. They will be doing a short report on some of the things they learned at our December Regular Board Meeting. I am a board member of the ISDC which is a council which offers many cost saving benefits to districts such as group rates for supplemental insurance.

The council also works closely with Blue Cross to help keep our group rates down as much as possible. Both of these events were full of great collaboration and information. I am appreciative of the opportunity to attend.

Heat: Rest assured we have plans to put heat in both of the gyms in OES and OJSHS. As with many other items, we are experiencing delays in receiving the goods to install. Installations will occur as soon as we receive the equipment.  I apologize for the inconvenience. We are experiencing this same issue with most major items including technology and food.

Legislature: The legislators were back in session last week. There were several bills that were discussed but none were passed. However, this does give us a peek into what is going to be discussed during their regular session. There were bills on vaccine mandates to all day kindergarten funding. Like I said, none of the bills were passed but we look to see many of the bills return in some form or another.

Obviously, k12 funding is a big ticket item and we hope our legislators will continue to support public education by providing the funding we need to offer the services required to educate kids.  

Thanksgiving Break is this week! Classes to be held on Monday and Tuesday. Please take the time to enjoy your family and friends during this break!

Thank you again for all that you do to support JSD171.

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