Another week in the books and the end is in sight. Testing began this week at many locations and from what I hear it has been very successful. Thanks to everyone for helping this be a positive experience.

The week has been very busy with planning and scheduling. The administrative team is beginning to look at reviewing systems and setting priorities for the future. 

We will be asking for additional input towards our strategic plan and in the development of district wide consistencies such as curriculum, PD, common terminology, policies, and procedures. This process will take some time and will be a work in progress as the years progress.  

We are also busy in budgeting for the upcoming year. Major projects will be limited but we will continue to move towards building improvements and safety.  As we filter through the needs of each building we will determine priorities and add them to the strategic plan for completion.

I was able to attend the 2019 Legislative Roadshow in Lewiston on Thursday.  Supt. Ybarra showcased the positive highlights of the year including graduation rates, test score improvement and college credits. 

School Finance was the major topic as legislators approved numerous increases in areas such as literacy and reading. The largest discussion and question was that of House Bill 293.  This bill was approved and placed into law as an effort to clarify data collection to be used in developing the new funding formula.

The discrepancy comes from the wording of minimum teacher salaries. There have been letters from the governor, attorney general, and members of the senate clarifying the purpose is to gather data only, not to dictate the local salary schedules.

Some attorneys have interpreted the wording differently. There is much discussion about this “wording” but nobody seems to have a clear answer at this point. Most of the bills that passed still have to go through the rules process before they are enacted.  

I had the chance to visit the Timberline and IDYCA schools this week and spend some time seeing the great things happening there.  I plan to continue to get into the schools as much as possible to help create a clearer picture.  

This week was Administrative Professional week! Thank you to the hard working group who tirelessly do a great job!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support of JSD171. As individuals, we make positive impacts on the people around us, as a team, we can make a positive impact on the community and world!!!

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