Here we are with another weather related missed day.  Again, you never know what is truly going to happen with the weather.  Making decisions on the side of caution is the best we can do.  It looks like we are in for a few more days of winter weather before we catch a break.  Be safe in your travels and we will do our best to keep you informed of the decisions as they develop.

There have been some questions about make-up days and where we stand with days missed. 

The district had 9.6 hours built into our calendar over the required hours, plus the state allows us 11 hours for emergency closures (20.6 Total). Until the district wide closure Feb. 11, none of our schools had missed more than the available missed/extra hours.  

I will keep you posted on days and hours missed and to be made up.

We have had much illness going through our staff and students at the schools. If you have students who are ill with fevers please keep them home so we can break the bug cycle.

Last week was a whirlwind with the highlight being the travel to Boise to speak with legislators about the funding formula.  It was the first joint meeting of the House and Senate Ed Committees. 

There were several organizations and individuals who testified.  Three minutes is not much time to express your views but I felt like I was not saying anything new to the committee. 

The concern of the wealth factor was spoken by all of the people who testified individually prior to myself speaking.  We also felt that the legislator needs to make sure all of the variables are covered and there is ample input by professionals in the field prior to creating any laws.

We have Senator Crabtree to thank for fronting this surge.  We have been in constant contact with each other throughout this process and his representation has been awesome!  I am very grateful. 

Thank you for all that are supporting as we move towards a bright future.

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