Every week seems like a very full week for everyone.  It is safe to say it is that time of year!

The work we are doing with the Idaho Forest Group and others is progressing well.  We met on Monday and are beginning the process of “mapping” out the needs of the industry which will result in a clearer picture of what we can do as a district. 

Our next meeting is May 10, at which time we will look more specifically at particular skills the industry is looking for in their employees. This venture has the potential to enhance what we are already doing in Certified Technical Education (CTE).  I will continue to keep you posted on the progress.

We are still working to get our budget lined out for the upcoming year.  This will be much more complete after negotiations this week.  The state has given increase in almost every area but many of the areas have a larger increase than allotted. 

Insurance and retirement are a couple of the bigger ones.  We continue to evaluate programs and prioritize areas to determine the best way to serve students while staying within the confines of the budget.

I met with the principals last week to determine priorities and to review staffing needs.  Once again, we will do the best we can with the budget we have.  

Thursday morning found me at IDYCA doing mock interviews.  As always, this is a great experience to be involved with. Very organized and the students benefit greatly from the experience.  The resumes and applications were very professional and are continuously improving thanks to the time the teachers are spending on it.  Mr. Hill has contributed greatly to this experience for the students.

The talent show at Orofino Elementary School was very cool. Amazing talent and most of all the public support for Lynette Dobson with her fight with cancer.  The auction raised nearly $10,000 for her. Thank you to all who participated whether donating, attending or purchasing.  What a great community!  Thank you!  

CPR was offered on Friday and thanks to the district’s school nurse, Amber Brumley for setting this up and organizing the effort.  I think it is important that we get as many people as possible certified.  Thanks to Mary Anne and the ambulance district for putting this on.  

I was able to stop in to the Kindergarten Roundup at OES.  I saw several smiling and eager faces. Thanks to everyone who puts this together.  It was a very smooth and productive day.  

As always, thank you for your ongoing support of JSD171.

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