As we wind down the school year, the excitement of summer is in the air.  Staff and students are busy finishing projects, curriculum and plans for next year.  As we reflect on this past year, we need to recognize several of the bright areas.  

Face to face instruction was a goal of the district from the beginning of this different year.  We accomplished this goal with a few interruptions from time to time, but overall we had students in school as much as possible! 

Thank you all for supporting our efforts and allowing this to happen safely and effectively.

We have talked about accreditation throughout the past two years.  We have received our final report and we need to celebrate the great schools we have!  This report is compiled by an outside entity who has a very non-biased view of our schools and district.

We decided to do a district-wide accreditation instead of the usual high school only process so we could get a more holistic result which allows us to set goals across the district while preserving the uniqueness of each individual site.

We are now one of five districts in the state of Idaho who have accomplished the coveted process.  We will take what we have learned into the development of future goals.

This is the final paragraph of the accreditation report and I wanted to share it with all of you.

“In conclusion, Joint School District 171 provides quality, flexible, and varied academic, career-technical, and extracurricular opportunities along with a comprehensive network of supports to enable students to be college- and career-ready and avid and capable citizens as they graduate high school. Stakeholders appreciate, value, and support the work the district and schools are doing in providing a safe, progressive, and challenging learning environment for their children. Staff members are provided professional development opportunities to continually consider more effective methods for reaching all students. Efforts to unify the district and respond to all stakeholder groups are becoming embedded in the district’s culture. Continued efforts by staff to immerse students in a culture that is inclusive, equitable, collaborative, rigorous, and college- and career-focused will prepare them for the global world of which they will soon become a part and influence.”

I also want to showcase our Index of Education Quality (IEQ) score.  Please keep in mind that Cognia accredits schools all over the nation and around the world.  JSD171 IEQ is 289.19 which is well above the past five-year average range (278.34-283.33) of all of the schools Cognia has been involved with.

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