Trustees for Joint School District #171 met at Orofino Elementary School Library for their regular meeting July 19. Following the approval of minutes, bills and claims, and because there are no building reports during the summer break the board moved right into the discussion portion of the meeting following these comments from Superintendent Michael Garrett.

Buildings are being prepared and maintained for the upcoming school year. 

Fire crews are still occupying OJSHS for a command center.  The district is glad to help out all of the people helping keep our communities safe from the wildfires.  This occupation will likely slow the maintenance process. The district will continue to keep everyone posted on the duration of their stay.

JSD #171 has looked and investigated numerous options for the district office space. Currently, the plan is to squeeze into the programs office by rearranging and making do.  Dr. Garrett believes it will be nice to have most of the leadership team in one space.  

The district is still in need of bus drivers. 

All families are encouraged to fill out an application for free and reduced meals.  This helps pay for much more in our district than just child nutrition.


Trustees further discussed the Timberline Classroom Build. It was agreed that having the foundation work completed this year would help to have an earlier start on completing the classrooms for next year.

Garrett noted that Potlatch had contacted the district to contribute $20,000 to the building fund, even if it was needed to place our temporary structures for this year. They also talked about looking into how they could help with actual construction in the future.

The parameters for the District’s Continuous Improvement Plan (CIP) have changed. Trustees, administrators, and educators will be discussing and developing new goals early this fall.

Action Items

Trustees approved the negotiated agreement with teachers for the upcoming school year.

Trustees approved moving forward with taking bids for laying the foundation of the Timberline classrooms this year, with the actual construction of the classrooms taking place next year.

Alternative Authorizations were approved for Rebecca Kosinski (IDYCA Principal), Sam Garrett to teach Art and Spanish at Timberline Schools, and Carolyn Condor to teach Jr. High Social Studies at Timberline Schools.

Six district vehicles varying from fair to poor condition were declared surplus items for liquidation.

New hires by the District this month include Derrik Larson as Head Maintenance person for Timberline Schools.

An executive session was held pursuant to Idaho Code, I.C. § 74-206(1) a.

The next regular meeting will be Monday, Aug. 16 at the Orofino Elementary School Library at 6:30 p.m.

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