If you were unable to attend here are the latest happenings at the April Regular Board Meeting.

There were some great things discussed in the Program and Building Reports.  A lot of great people making a lot of great things happen for students!  

A couple of major highlights in my report were the City of Orofino receiving a $250,000 grant from Blue Cross of Idaho Foundation for Health to help make the community more active and healthy.

We also discussed an interest from the Idaho Forest Group to partner with the district to expand out CTE programs.  This is super exciting news!  We have a great need for students who are not college bound and want to learn a trade.  This is in the very beginning stages of discussion but has great potential to leading to an expanded and unique opportunity for students!

I am still collecting input from District Day and so far the results indicate it was a success.  It also indicates there is a need for more focused PD for non-certified staff.  Thank you to all of you for participating and taking the time to give your feedback.

A major discussion for improving communication between myself and the board was held and the result is creating a systematic “calendar” of major topics for monthly board meetings.  This approach will give a more clear expectation of what will be discussed at board meetings.  I welcome this opportunity to create a systematic approach to transparency and expectations.

The action items consisted of the first reading of the 5000 policies.  The second reading of the 1000s policies were approved with a few minor clarifications such as having consistent wording on board of trustee responsibilities and expectations.

The 2019/2020 calendar was approved pending any changes that might result from negotiations.

The Leadership Premiums were approved as listed.

A surplus item at Timberline was approved to take bids.  This is an unused trailer.

A request for an overnight field trip for Cavendish 5th and 6th graders was approved.

New hires and separations were approved as listed.

There were no actions as a result of executive session.  

I think that about covers it for the meeting.  As always, if you have any questions please let me know and thank you for your ongoing support of JSD171.

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