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Music is one of the classes that students at Orofino Christian School enjoy. Shown from left are: cellists, Elijah Hart, Music Teacher Joanna Hart, Fable Kelnhofer, Carissa Lee, Asami Kelnhofer, Hunter Simmons; violinists, Joseph Hart, Willow Simmons, Maeby Kelnhofer, Caiden McDonald; back, Teacher Cathie Hartman.

Orofino Christian School, located at 46418 U.S. Highway 12 east of town, is accepting new students from kindergarten through eighth grade and GED preparation.

Teacher Cathie Hartman emphasizes reading as she works with the individual students because she feels it is such a basic skill for learning other subjects. She said they also do a lot of math because it is one of the subjects she really likes.

She enjoys seeing the progress that each child makes as they work on reading, math and other basic subjects such as science, social studies and English.

Penmanship includes instruction in printing and cursive. Social studies lessons sometimes involve guests that have been to the different countries and can speak from experience.

Hartman said she feels the biggest difference with the school is that she and her aide, Joyce Meyer, can work on character and teach the individual children that if they walk with God, they do not have to fear the future. She wants school to be a happy place where the children can reach their potential. Since this is the first year the school has been open again, it took a lot of miracles to make it happen, she added.

The students also have times for music and physical education. P.E. has lots of activities outside. Music gives them the opportunity to learn to play cello or violin. The violins and cellos are in sizes for young children, some half and some three quarters of the normal size instruments.

The students gave two programs in the fall, one at Thanksgiving and one at Christmas time.

Meyer is the second generation to work at the school. Her mother taught there before she was born. There are also volunteers to help the students.

While the school is sponsored by the Seventh-day Adventist Church, students need not be members to attend the Christian school. Hartman says she feels blessed to be able to work with these precious children and it brings her joy.

When asked, the students had a variety of things they liked best about the school from being able to learn about God with other children that are Christians to science, music class, reading and English.

Several also said what they liked best was the teachers because they are kind and willing to help.

The schedule is Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. At this point, they have nine students, but they have room for expansion with two classrooms. For information about tuition, other questions, or to register a student, call 208-476-7840.

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