You can sense when you walk down Main Street on a warm summer afternoon.  You’ll find it under the Friday night lights at the high school.  You’ll hear it in the laughter of children at the local parks. It’s that one-of-a-kind feeling that makes your community unique from every other community.

Introducing the UYLC Hometown Pride Photo Contest. Please show us what makes you proud to call Kamiah/Kooskia your home! 

In this contest Upriver Youth Leadership Council (UYLC) invites teenagers —anyone 12 to 18 years old, from Kamiah and Kooskia areas— to take photographs that depict something that brings them hometown pride and, in a short artist’s statement, tell why.

UYLC will publicize all entries on their social media pages, winners will be matted and framed and placed in the Teen Center front window for all to see and sent to the local papers for possible publication. 

Winners will also receive cash prizes: $100 for the Top Submission; $50 for Second; $25 for Third; and two Honorable Mentions will receive a Silverwood Pass for use this summer.

1. To enter this contest, students should submit one photograph that depicts some aspect of Hometown Pride. A student can include a photo in which he or she appears, as long as it was taken with a self-timer or some other device so that the student him or herself is still technically the photographer.

2. Each entry should include a short artist’s statement (up to 350 words, but our submission form uses a word counter, so be sure to use only a single space between words and after punctuation, otherwise the tool might count extra spaces as additional words.) (Tell us about your image and how it depicts your view of Hometown Pride).

3. Only one entry per student, and students may not work in teams.

4. Create something original. For this contest, you cannot submit anything you have already published elsewhere. However, the photograph can be taken before the start of this contest.

5. We are equally interested in your statement and your images, and in the ways they work together, as our rubric shows. You do not have to be an experienced photographer to participate in this contest since technical excellence is just a part of how we will judge your work. We are chiefly concerned with the ideas and insights you offer about your views and entries.

6. Keep in mind that the work you send in should be appropriate for a UYLC audience — that is, something that could be published for a family to see.

7. Photographs can be made on any kind of camera, although if you are using a cellphone camera please do not use filter effects. Please keep digital manipulation and postprocessing to a minimum in general. (That is, you may use editing software for minor corrections such as one might make in a darkroom — cropping, adjusting brightness, balancing colors, etc. — but please do not alter the reality of the photo in any way.)

8. Submissions should be in JPEG format.

9. Your work will be judged by professional photographers and as well as UYLC staff.

10. What is the “prize”? Cash!  $100 for the Top Submission; $50 for Second; $25 for Third; and 2 Honorable Mentions will receive a Silverwood Pass for use this summer. 

11. For this contest, students  must be from Kamiah or Kooskia areas and 12 to 18 years old to participate.

13. All entries must be submitted by May 21, 2021, at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time using the contest form:

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