Clearwater Youth Alliance sponsored the Jermaine Galloway presentation “Tall Cop Says Stop!” on Nov. 8 at the Orofino Community Center. The main theme was “You can’t stop what you don’t know.” Jermaine’s presentation focused on highlighting the current drug trends around the country.

He presented how to recognize the trends in our area including the clothing and merchandise associated with drug trends. When talking about e-cigarette trends the group was presented with the dangers of vape pens, and how they are used to conceal more harmful drugs.

The saying “You can’t stop what you don’t know” really captures why Jermaine does what he does. When it comes to alcohol and drugs, trends are always changing. There are many everyday items that you wouldn’t even take a second look at, but with an understanding of this culture, you quickly find out that there is another meaning.

It can be hard to keep up with all the trends and practices of substance use and abuse as they are always evolving. Communities want to stop the underage drinking and drug usage in their community. “After attending one of Jermaine’s presentations, you will know what is out there, where to find it, how people are abusing it, how items have become popular and why you had not heard of it, new trends, logos, stash compartments, products, and much more along with having the knowledge to stop it!”

Jermaine also presented in an assembly at the OJSHS Wednesday morning. His presentation included a game of knowledge that the whole school participated in and enjoyed. The game was presented in a game show format with two students answering for the group. Orofino only missed three questions. The Clearwater Youth Alliance thanks the school district for partnering with them to allow the assembly.

Thank you to Jermaine for the high quality information he presented to help Orofino beat the trends!

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