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Class 20-2 Graduates of NGYCP-Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy, a video of their virtual graduation can be found on their Facebook Page.

Timberline Schools - “As with all things in this pandemic, plans have changed for activities. Per Governor Little’s new Stage Two requirements, fans will no longer be permitted at games. We know this is not what we had hoped for, but we remain grateful that the kids get to play their winter sports! We will be broadcasting home games on Facebook and will communicate other schools’ streaming plans with fans.” Cori Pinque, Timberline High School Athletic Director.

Timberline and many other schools have purchased Pixellot systems in order to broadcast games on the NFSH network, this station does require a subscription. Until Timberline’s is installed, we will also be livestreaming games on Facebook. The following is a list of schools with streaming options available.

Highland - Pixellot ordered, not yet installed

Orofino – Pixellot ordered, not yet installed

Potlatch - Pixellot system up and running

Kamiah – Pixellot system up and running

Nezperce - Pixellot system up and running

Genesee - Pixellot system up and running

Troy - Pixellot system up and running

Kendrick – Pixellot ordered, not yet installed

Prairie- No Pixellot system, but will livestream games on Facebook

Deary – Pixellot ordered, not yet installed

Logos- Pixellot system up and running

CV (Clearwater Valley)- No Pixellot system

St. John Bosco (Formerly Summit) – No Pixellot System

Lapwai- Pixellot ordered, Facebook streaming games until installation

The 2019-20 Annual LCSC Warrior Athletics Association Awards will take place this week. Due to Covid-19, the fourteenth annual WAA High School Awards Banquet has moved to a virtual platform. Each night this week on KLEW News, the Lewiston station, will run a segment during the sports section of their newscast at 5 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Make sure you tune in the newscast to see the following Timberline Nominees; athletes and coaches, being honored.

Monday, male athlete of the year, Chase Hunter. Tuesday, female athlete of the year, Lauren Carr. Wednesday, coach of the year for Boys’ Basketball, Jason Hunter. Thursday, team of the year, Timberline Boys Basketball. Friday, Rick Hill Meritorious Service Award, Pat Christopherson. Way to go Timberline athletes and coaches. WELL deserved.

Nov. 18 and 19, at 4 p.m. is the High School boys’ basketball practice.

Friday practice will be at 7 a.m. There will be open gym on Nov. 22 at 6 p.m. Practice on Nov. 23, will be at 4 p.m. and Nov. 24, will be at 6pm. No practice or school Nov. 25 and 26.

The Timberline Jr High Boys Basketball will be traveling to Nezperce on Nov. 19 with the bus leaving at 1:30 p.m. and game time starting at 4 p.m.

Nov. 20 our girls will host Salmon River here at Timberline with the game beginning at 5 p.m. Please remember that with the new restrictions set in place due to Stage 2, fans will not be allowed to attend the game in person. On Nov. 23, the girls will travel to Orofino with their bus leaving at 4:30 p.m. and game time starting at 6:30 p.m.

Timberline is looking for Substitutes for teachers, aides, and office staff, no teaching degree is required. If interested, please contact Timberline Schools at 208-435-4411, or the Joint School District 171 Office in Orofino at 208-476-5593.

Families if your contact information has changed please contact the school to update. Due to Covid-19 working number for an emergency contact will be mandatory in the event of your student needing to be sent home. Please contact the school and provide them with updated contact information at 208-435-4411.

Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy (IDYCA) Update

The 20-2 Class held their Commencement virtually on Nov. 12, at the IDYCA in Pierce. Congratulations to the 101 newest graduates of the IDYCA residential program! Despite all the challenges, you overcame! Best wishes!!

The next day the graduates headed home in time for the upcoming Holidays. These cadets now have so much more to be Thankful for this year on Thanksgiving. If you have Facebook, I recommend you go to their page, like it, and follow the amazing things these young men and woman accomplish while attending the school.

Pierce News

News Release

Pierce Gem Team Cancelling Festival of Trees for 2020…With much reluctance and regret, the Pierce Gem Team is cancelling this year’s Festival of trees. The current CDC guidelines in place limit gatherings. Our Festival volunteer numbers are over 10 (Thank you Volunteers!!), and that does not give any room for our wonderful auction audience!

This year we will be missed, but it also gives more time for the creative juices to flow and flourish for next year. Thank you for understanding that the Gem Team works for Pierce, even to help keep our awesome community safe. We will be back at work on projects soon, and we hope to see everyone next year with renewed positive energy.

For any questions or information about the Pierce Gem Team, please call Kathy at 208-464-1083 or email at 1bearkatranch@qroidaho.net

Weippe News

Any events, news, or happenings taking place within the community of Weippe; church news, museum, library, etc., please make contact in an email or message via FB, so they can be included each week. Any Fraser events, you can contact Norma Brand as she handles our Fraser news area. Her information can be found under the Fraser News of the paper.

Open Pool Tournaments

Pierce Tournaments – Nov. 7 tournament at The Timber Inn ended with Mike Crocker in first place, Kathy Wilson-Dill in second and Kerrie Willis Crocker in third. They enjoyed playing with guests Daniel and Jaelynn; Mike and Kerrie’s grandkids.

Nov. 13 tournament hosted at Miss Lilly’s came out with Alan Mee in first, Bud Wilson in second and Clay Hosley in third place.

Nov. 14 tournament held at the Timber Inn ended in a cancel due to not enough player being able to attend.

Weippe Tournaments- at the time of submission for the article, I did not see any updates on Weippe’s tournaments. If there were any notifications sent and they were missed, please contact me via email or personal message so they can be included in next week’s paper. Any further updates, notices, dates, and winners, please notify me each week so they can be included.

Pierce Community Center

With the recent changes made by Governor Little to push Idaho back further into State 2, the Pierce Community Center Board, had to make a difficult decision regarding the 2020 Holiday Bazaar.

This decision was not easy, but due to the limit of no more than 10 people in a gathering, they are cancelling the bazaar. They are just as disappointed as everyone else but had to think of the community as well as the order set in place by the state.

They remain hopeful that things could change and can host a “craft” bazaar at some point in the near future or early next year. Any vendors who have already purchased their tables will be refunded their deposit within the week.

The Community Center will reach out to these vendors in the event they are able to host a future event to see if they would like to participate. This was an event that not only the community and vendors were looking forward to, but the board as well, to bring back some normalcy and joy to our small community.

Unfortunately, there was no way possible to see it through with the limitations set in place. They want to thank you for your understanding and continued support the community center and pool.

Progressive Jiu-Jitsu of Idaho classes at the Pierce Community Center on Mondays and Wednesdays are cancelled for the next two weeks. They will resume after the Thanksgiving Holiday unless something changes with the Covid-19 restrictions. Please contact the Pierce Community Center at that time to check with any changes that may have taken place.

Do not forget about the new hours they are open.Monday through Thursday at 4 p.m. instead of 3 p.m., still closing at 8 p.m. Friday’s hours will still be from 1 to 6 pm.

If you are needing to rent or use the community center during non-business hours, please make sure you contact them the day prior, if not sooner. They welcome youth to the center during business hours, however if your child is not feeling well, they MUST stay home.

If a child comes in with runny nose, fever or coughing they will be sent home immediately, so please do not drop you child off and leave without checking in with the office to make sure they are not being sent back home. We will be doing our best to keep the Center sanitized and encouraging social distancing as outlined by Idaho Health District.

Any events, news, or information you would like to share in the Clearwater Tribune under the Pierce/Weippe news, please be sure to contact Brandy Denison by social media or email at mrsfs24@gmail.com prior to the deadline on Monday to make the following Wednesday paper.

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