Happy 4th of July weekend. Please remember to be safe and smart about this weekend. It has been so dry and hot we don’t want to live our summer in fear and smoke. Let’s remember why we have the celebration, but let’s be smart about it. Save those fireworks for the New Year and continue to have a wonderful smoke free summer.

If you choose to celebrate your 4th with fireworks, be smart and safe, keep a hose close and avoid the arial fireworks and leave those to the professionals. Happy Independence Day to all.

Pierce Community


The Pool is only a few days away from our target date of opening on the first of July. On June 7, the project for the removal of the roof started. As of Monday, June 14, the entire top and sides were removed. It took exactly one week to remove the danger that threatened our pool’s existence. Tuesday, June 15, they began putting the fence around it.

Their reassurance of us being able to open by the first of July, is getting closer to becoming a reality. They are still asking that people stay out of the way of the construction area to make the contractor’s jobs easier.

Our target date for re-grand opening is still July 1. We don’t foresee any reason why this cannot happen. It has been a team effort to make sure this happens.

A HUGE THANK YOU - The Pierce Pool has a long list of people they have to thank when all of this is over, but they would like to thank the City of Pierce, Mayor Dominic Consentino, City Water Workers, Pierce Volunteer Fire Department, Darv Nelson, Micah Nelson, Joy Stemrich, and Brett Denison for all their hard work last Wednesday. Without their help and hard work, we could not have been able to get the pool cleaned out and refilled. The Pierce Pool has a unique issue that a handful of other pools also have; they were built on a high-water table.

What this means is, under no circumstances, the pool can NEVER be completely drained, not even for a short time. This caused great difficulty when trying to clean out two years of non-use, a roof falling in on it, and a construction project, and the messes they left inside of it. The undertaking to clean the pool out was difficult and would have been impossible without the help of these people. So, a huge thank you to all of those who helped Wednesday and Thursday last week.

To our wonderful and amazing community, you all have been so extremely supportive. The overwhelming support you have shown in filling the wish list of things the staff has come up with to make the “new” Pierce Pool welcoming and fun. They have kept a list of all those who have donated from the paint to finish the locker room hall walls, to the recent gifts for the pool. You have helped make sure our vision really does happen.

Wednesday, July 7 will be our “Meet and Greet” for swim lessons. This is to give our instructors the opportunity to see what class your child will be placed in based on their level of swimming skills, release forms filled out, and classes paid for prior to the first day. This is an “in-water” meet and greet with the instructors, so make sure the kids bring their suits.

This is NOT a requirement if your child is unable to attend, you will still be able to fill out the forms and pay on the first day, just be sure to call the Community Center and get them signed up.

For those able to attend, bring your child to the pool between 8 a.m. and noon. Our instructors are hoping by doing this they can jump right into lessons the first day instead of trying to figure out which classes each child belongs in.

Lessons are $50 for one week or $70 for both weeks. There is a 25 percent off multiple siblings. Lessons are half an hour each day.

If you live in the Weippe Recreation District area, swim lessons are half price. Please be sure to mention if you live in this area when calling; you must be verified as living in this district and on the list provided by the Weippe Recreation District.

July 12th will begin week one of swim lessons, and July 19 starting our second week. Class times will be determined and posted next week.

Orofino Bus*** UPDATE*** They still do not have any parents that have come forward to let the Pool know they can move forward with making arrangements for the bus. This will include the week of swim lessons. No chaperones, no bus. The Pierce Pool has been in contact with the School District regarding a bus from Orofino to Pierce. Arrangements are being made to continue to provide this service to our Orofino kids and parents.

After speaking with the bus superintendent, they have advised us of changes regarding the use of Joint School District 171’s busses and drivers for non-school district activities. They are no longer responsible for the children’s safety on the bus, while at the activity and making sure they are back on the bus for the return trip. They are now requiring that for all trips, it will require two chaperones EVERY time. If two chaperones are not on the bus, the bus cannot make the trip. This is not just for the Pool, this is for any organization wishing to use one of their busses.

The Pierce Pool has no way providing these chaperones or knowing who will or will not be using this service. If you are an Orofino parent, grandparent, or an adult; over 18 and not still in school, that is willing to chaperone pool bus from Orofino to Pierce and back, please contact the Pierce Community. This will require a commitment for the entire season, no chaperone, NO BUS!!! They will not make an exception. The more parents, the better, as a schedule can be made and not just two parents are trying to accommodate the full season.

This is a privilege and a great service to our kids in Orofino and not a right, so it’s up to parents to step up to make sure the bus will run. We cannot come up with a schedule without knowing we have chaperones.

This year’s current schedule: Please check with the Pierce Community Center for scheduling, rules and any information you need. There is a no refund policy that is strictly followed. This includes a swimmer that is ejected for breaking pool rules, etc. Morning lap swim MUST be pre-registered to swim. Copies of current rules can be obtained through the Pierce Community Center and will be strictly enforced.

Please remember our pool is now an outdoor heated pool, so PLEASE remember to bring/wear sunblock, the pool is not responsible to provide sunblock to their patrons. They are looking forward to amazing year back with the new pool makeover, but just as any other pool or water park, the Pierce Pool is not responsible for sunblock, towels, etc., just having fun and making sure you are safe in doing so.

NGYCP- Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy- We are busy filling spaces for Class 21-2, which starts July 17. If you know anyone that needs a Second Chance, please share. For more details visit www.idyouthchallenges.com

The Xi Alpha Nu Sorority- would like to remind everyone that it is the time of year to order your community calendar. This year the Pierce and Weippe Community Calendars are being combined into the Hilltop Community Calendar. If you received your order form in the mail (turquoise paper) please return it with any changes, total number of calendars required, and the fee for each, by July 10, to the address listed on the sheet.

If you are a new customer and would like your birthdays and anniversaries and In Memory Of included, please call Cindy at 208-435-4691, or message the Xi Alpha Nu Sorority Facebook page, or contact any Xi Alpha Nu member.

Faith Lutheran Church of Pierce Food Pantry at 611 South Main in Pierce has summer walk-in hours. Wednesday mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Also, monthly food distribution continues the first Sunday of every month from 12-12:30.

For more information please phone Pastor Donna Zipp at 208-827-2660. This Sunday, July 4 from 12 noon to 12:30 is the first food distribution.

Mark your calendars for the Headquarters Annual Renuion Labor Day Weekend in Headquarters, Idaho. Events are planned for Friday through Sunday. For further questions regarding events, fees, or registration forms send an email to headquartersreunion@yahoo.com

The Museum will be closed this Fourth of July weekend, Friday, July 2 and Saturday, July 3.

The Hill Top Senior’s Center in Weippe are serving meals Mondays and Thursdays at noon. This is open to EVERYONE, not just seniors. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tressa at 208-827-6925.

The Weippe mobile food pantry provides food to those in need each month on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The truck generally arrives around 9 a.m. and we are distributing food as early as 9:30.

Any events, news, or information you would like to share in the Clearwater Tribune under the Pierce/Weippe news, please be sure to contact Brandy Denison by social media or email at mrsfs24@gmail.com prior to the deadline on Monday to make the following Wednesday paper.

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