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The Pierce Pool is ready and just waiting for the final inspection that will take place on Thursday.

Pierce Community


Public Notice for Pierce Community Pool- As everyone is aware, sadly, they were unable to open on their targeted date of July 1. Our inspection last week was NOT actually bad, our “violations” were based on, “as if we had children in the pool and open”. With that the things they had issues with were due to the construction taking place. The four issues they pointed out were corrected last week. The second inspection takes place this Thursday and we are extremely grateful they were able to fit us in as we had been told it could be the end of July. As soon as the inspection is over, we will make a formal announcement of the results and when we get to open. They are working hard to make this happen but look at all that had/has to be done to get the pool in shape after sitting for two years and many years of much needed repairs, we’re almost there, don’t give up on them.

A HUGE THANK YOU- To our wonderful and amazing community, you all have been so extremely supportive.

For those who have inquired about Swimming Lessons, the instructor has cancelled the meet and greet and for all of those who had called prior have been called back and informed of the changes. If the inspection goes as planned, the instructor is hoping to start Friday, July 16. If this changes, everyone will be called and notified. For those able to attend, bring your child to the pool between 8 a.m. and noon. Our instructors are hoping by doing this they can jump right into lessons the first day instead of trying to figure out which classes each child belongs in.

Lessons are $50 for one week, or $70 for both weeks. There is 25 percent off for multiple siblings. Lessons are half an hour each day. IF you live in the Weippe Recreation District area, swim lessons are half price. Please be sure to mention if you live in this area when calling. You must be verified as living in this district and on the list provided by the Weippe Recreation District. July 12 will begin week one of swim lessons, and July 19 will start our second week. Class times will be posted once they can confirm opening will not be delayed a second time. If we are delayed in opening, EVERYONE who has called to sign up for lessons will be called and updated.

Orofino Bus to swim- UPDATE: They still do not have any parents that have come forward to let the Pool know they can move forward with making arrangements for the bus. This will include the week of swim lessons. No chaperones, no bus. We have only had two adults who have stated they could do Tuesday.

Once a formal agreement has been made for Tuesday, that day there will be a bus, otherwise, no bus at this time. This is a privilege and a great service to our kids in Orofino and not a right, so it’s up to parents to step up to make sure the bus will run. We cannot come up with a schedule without knowing we have chaperones.

NGYCP- Idaho Youth ChalleNGe Academy- We are busy filling spaces for Class 21-2, which starts July 17. If you know anyone that needs a Second Chance, please share. For more details visit www.idyouthchallenges.com

Pierce News

Long-time resident Maxine Selzler called to visit once again. She called to say she is still working on trying to get back to Pierce to visit. Her son Kevin Selzler flew back from Minnesota and is currently in Pierce with family friend Rosie Richenberg. He is enjoying his time back in Piece and was able to see his niece Neika Batterman at the Pierce Community Center. Once she arrives in Pierce, she will set a date to have friends and family gather for a visit.

The Xi Alpha Nu


This year the Pierce and Weippe Community Calendars are being combined into the Hilltop Community Calendar. If you received your order form in the mail (turquoise paper) please return it with any changes, total number of calendars required and the fee for each to the address listed on the sheet. IF you are a new customer and would like your birthdays and anniversaries and In Memory of included, please call Cindy at 208-435-4691 or message the Xi Alpha Nu Sorority Facebook page or contact any Xi Alpha Nu member. You need to contact a sorority member asap if you wish to make changes as the deadline has passed.

Faith Lutheran Church of Pierce Food Pantry at 611 South Main in Pierce has summer walk-in hours. Wednesday mornings from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Also, monthly food distribution continues the first Sunday of every month from 12-12:30. For more information please phone Pastor Donna Zipp at 208-827-2660.

Mark your calendars for the Headquarters Annual Reunion on Labor Day Weekend in Headquarters, Idaho. Events are planned for Friday through Sunday. For further questions regarding events, fees, or registration forms send an email to headquartersreunion@yahoo.com

The Pierce Library will be having Summer Reading during the entire month of July. The theme this year is “Tails and Tales”. Every Wednesday at 11 a.m. If you have any questions, please call Kim Ward at 208-464-2823. The Summer schedule is…July 7-Wonky Donkey, July 14-Nez Perce National Park, July 21-Zelmgid-Diane Gerot, July 28-Sea Creatures. August 4- Birds-Andy Berreth, August 11- End of Summer in the Park.

Weippe News

The Wesleyan Church has a few upcoming events you might be interested in- They are starting a “Movie Under the Stars”. Each Friday night, starting at sunset will be a movie. July 16 will be “Tangled”. On July 18, they will be having their Sermon in the Park and hosting a community potluck picnic, worship starts at 10:45 and the potluck lunch at noon.

On Aug. 15, at 10:45, they will host a gospel concert (Stones Cry) at the Community Hall. Further information will be provided. Sept. 25 they will host Roosevelt Road, a gospel/bluegrass concert at the Community Hall at 6 p.m. They will update us as events get closer for further details.

Weippe Pool News

On July 7, at the Elk Horn Tavern, Ronnie Smith placed first, Andy Berreth came in second, and Buck Jared too third.

The Hill Top Senior’s Center in Weippe is serving meals Mondays and Thursdays at noon. This is open to EVERYONE, not just seniors. If you have any questions, please feel free to call Tressa at 208-827-6925.

The Weippe mobile food pantry provides food to those in need each month on the fourth Tuesday of the month. The truck generally arrives around 9 and we are distributing food as early as 9:30. The next food distribution will be July 27th.

Any events, news, or information you would like to share in the Clearwater Tribune under the Pierce/Weippe news, please be sure to contact Brandy Denison by social media or email at mrsfs24@gmail.com prior to the deadline on Monday to make the following Wednesday paper.

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