The reunion was a great success. On Friday night we had the “potluck meet and greet” at the center.

We enjoyed seeing the people arrive from all over the United States. Saturday many of the alumni entered the parade or watched. Our banquet started at 2:30. The amount of people were approximately 160 people.

Sharon Hunt and Laura McIntosh Wheeler won the prizes for “the farthest traveled”. Sharon, from Virginia and Laura from North Carolina.

Barbara Brown Thomas won for the oldest PHS graduate attending she is 90.

Bob and Maxine Brown for the longest married from PHS, 63 years and still going strong.

The town was booming from all the activities the 1860 days put together and our crowd that came for the reunion. The purpose of the reunion was to bring as many people from Headquarters and Pierce together as possible. Unfortunately many have passed away or were too unhealthy to make the trip.

Several families used this busy weekend to have mini family reunions, including three and four generations. The warmth and happiness was abundant.

The registration tables were manned by my friends, Claudia Carlin York, Sallie Wilson Wilhelm, and Lois Stallman Largent.

They have worked with me since we took over the reunions in 2013. This is the third one they have worked on.

Thank you so much Ladies... couldn’t have done it without your help and support.

Walt Rape was the person who spent time and energy contacting people and encouraging them to attend. Thank you Walt, good job.

This will be my last reunion that I organize. If someone is interested and would like to take on this “venture”, call me Chris Wolfe Anderson 208 435 4224. Thank all of you that joined in to make this reunion wonderful.

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