The residents of the city of Pierce celebrated for 6 days the 100th year of the Pierce Public Library. The Pierce librarians, the library board, along with the ICCU and Studio 205 put together six days of fun and the community responded.

The six days included a six foot painted birthday cake, painted by local students, bookmarks created at the Elk Snout, essays of “A Book That Means A Lot to Me”, “Shelfie” photos, “guess how many books in the library”, and a presentation by Eilene Lyon, from Durango Colorado, who is writing a biography of the man E.D. Pierce. Along with all of this were, cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes!

Winners of the four contests, who received $50 were, Meredith Rowland and Jude Nelson for their essays, Meredith Rowland again, for her incredible “shelfie”. Lisa Goodrich was the winner of “guess how many books in the library”. Do you want to take a guess? How about...11,937 books.

Congratulations to all of the winners and a big thank you to the ones that took part in the competitions. It was a great week!

Also, thank you to all of the community members that donated a new book that was on the library’s “Wanted list”. There were 31 new books donated. For all the books that were donated our local Idaho Central Credit Union is matching.

And now, onward to the next 100 years!! How cool that a library is still one of the main centers in a little town. Our thanks go to Kim Ward, library director, and Susie Fitzwater, assistant librarian. They keep our library up to date and welcoming. Also to the board members that volunteer all year long to keep the future of our library prevalent.

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