Snake River Complex - Mopup

The Snake River Complex Wildfire is located 20 miles south of Lewiston. It is a Type 2 Northern Rockies Incident under Management Team 4, Rick Connell, I.C.

The estimated size of it is 107,433 acres. Currently it is 70% contained and there are 353 personnel working on it.

Current Status

Yesterday, containment was increased with the help of hand ignition by crews and the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) air operations. UAS was used to increase the depth of the control lines with plastic sphere dispensers (which ignite after hitting the ground) being dropped onto the interior unburned pockets of the fire.

UAS was also used to fly Infrared heat detection to seek out areas of heat and direct crews to those locations. Firefighters also added more depth with hand ignition, continued to control hot spots, and worked on mopping up hot spots along the northeastern flank of the fire. Night operations continued to patrol, mop up, and add more depth to lines along the east side of the fire.

Planned Actions

To better secure the control lines, air operations will continue to utilize Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) to conduct firing operations of the unburned interior of the fire. UAS will also continue to be used for Infrared detection flights. Firefighters will continue to mop up hot spots along the fire’s edge and patrol for hot spots. Night operation crews will work a partial evening shift and transition to day operations after a rest timeframe.

River Recreation

Air operations are still active in the Lower Snake River between Heller Bar and Sandal Gulch. Please don’t disrupt the aircraft operation and take out at Heller Bar and avoid upstream jetboat travel into the area.

Evacuations and Closures

Lewis County Sheriff’s Office evacuation order is at stage 2, or the “SET” stage for Forest, Marek, and Morrowtown area residents. Road closures remain for the Forest and Morrowtown Roads, except for residents and emergency personnel.

Nez Perce Sheriff’s Office has adjusted the evacuation level for the Stagecoach Road area to the “SET” stage while the evacuation order is at stage 2, or the “SET” stage for residents on the Redbird Road, Waha Glen, Waha Road and all spur roads as well. The Zaza and Deer Creek roads remains in “GO” stage. Conditions can change at any time, please delay the return of livestock and important household items.

Road access is restricted to residents only on Zaza Road at Deer Creek and from Redbird Road South in Nez Perce County and Deer Creek Road to Soldier Meadow in Lewis County. Current evacuation and closure information is on Lewis and Nez Perce County Sheriff’s Offices webpages.

Fire Restrictions

Due to the rapidly increasing threat of wildfire danger in northern Idaho, local land management agencies implemented Stage II Fire Restrictions on all lands within the Grangeville Fire Restriction Area.

Please visit the website for current information.

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR)

There is a TFR in place for air space over the Snake River Complex (1-6770) to lesson impacts to local aviation operators. Remember that temporary flight restrictions also apply to unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) or drones. If you fly, we can’t!

Primary and

Cooperating Agencies

Idaho Dept of Lands, BLM, Idaho Dept of Fish & Game, Nez Perce County, Lewis County, Nez Perce Tribe, USFS, Winchester Volunteer FD, Nez Perce County Soil & Water Conservation District.

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