Several campgrounds along the Selway River have been temporarily closed while the Moose Creek Ranger District of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests undertakes a project that will improve these popular recreation sites.

Every year, the Forest Service identifies known hazardous trees–those standing trees which are dead, damaged, or diseased and in imminent danger of falling–within campgrounds and fells those trees prior to opening the campground for the season.

“Thanks to skilled fire crews on the forest, we started actively falling identified hazard trees along the Selway corridor last week,” said Moose Creek District Ranger Ron Tipton. “We are working to reduce the identified hazard trees and get the sites open to the public as soon as possible.”

Sites currently closed due to this work include: O’Hara, Boyd Creek, CCC, Gedney Creek, Glover, Rackliff, Slide Creek, Twenty Mile Bar, and Twenty-five Mile Bar campgrounds along with Selway Falls Cabin. 

The Forest anticipates having most of these sites open prior to the Memorial Day weekend and will be posting updates on site availability as crews are able to fell the identified hazard trees.

Sites that are currently available for public use along the Selway include: Johnson Bar, Race Creek, Slims Camp, and Selway Falls campgrounds, as well as a number of smaller, dispersed sites across the district.

While many campsites on the Moose Creek Ranger District are open year ‘round, services such as toilet cleaning typically commence in late spring, once seasonal staff are in place.  As such, many campgrounds that collect fees during the summer become “fee–free” sites during the off season, until site work has been completed in the spring. 

Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests campground information is available online at If you have questions about visiting the Moose Creek Ranger District, please call (208) 926-4274.

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