Visitors to the Palouse Ranger District of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests should be prepared for ongoing and upcoming timber hauling, roadwork, and delays on various roads on the district this summer.

Roadwork is currently underway on Forest Service Roads (FSR) 768, 1427, and 4774. Delays of up to four hours are possible in these areas. The Forest Service is conducting this roadwork to improve drainage and bring the road to standard for safe timber hauling, which will also allow for improved vehicle access by the public following the conclusion of the project. Road construction is also currently underway on FSR 447 and FSR 767 in support of the Lockout Timber Sale. Detours are possible, but lengthy, for all of these construction areas. Travelers should be prepared for longer than usual travel times when visiting these areas, and consult their forest visitor maps for alternate routes to their destination. Fill up your vehicle’s gas tank before traveling to an area with known delays, and consider packing extra food and water for your trip.

Currently, timber hauling on the Palouse Ranger District is taking place on FSR 382, 1969, and 3801 in the Elk River area, and FSR 768, 768-D, and 1427 in the Laird Park area, as well as on other nearby local roads. Heavy truck traffic should be expected on all roads in the Strychnine Creek, Palouse River, and Elk Creek areas. Visitors are encouraged to travel in vehicles equipped with CB radios and be knowledgeable in their use.

The Palouse Ranger District has a busy summer scheduled, with multiple road projects occurring over the next several months. Press releases will be issued in advance of additional timber hauling, roadwork, and/or road closures on the district. Official forest closure orders are posted on the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forests website at Updates are also posted to the forests’ official social media channels (, and mobile app (search “Nez Perce Clearwater” in your app store).

For the most up to date information about conditions on the Palouse Ranger District, call the district office in Potlatch: (208) 875-1131. For questions or further information about road projects on the district, please call the district office and ask to speak with Engineering.

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