Dixie fire

As of 6 a.m. (PDT) July 8, Doug Turman’s Type 1 Northern Rockies National Incident Management Team 2 assumed command of the Dixie and Jumbo Fires.  The team is developing an aggressive suppression strategy, factoring in the large national competition for incident resources, current environmental conditions, topography, and predicted weather patterns in the coming days. Firefighting resources are still actively engaged in suppression operations on the Dixie Fire, located 40 miles southeast of Grangeville and 15 miles south of Elk City, near the community of Dixie.

Smoke and cloud cover has moderated fire spread. The unseasonably dry fuels continue to support fire spread in areas where the fuels are continuous. Fuel and terrain driven runs in heavy mixed conifer timber stands. Fire spread increases when slope and winds align. Ladder fuels are aiding in torching causing mid-range spotting .25 to .3 miles from fires edge. Spread up and down the Salmon River Canyon from roll out and short up slope runs and flanking. Thermal belts are allowing the fire to burn into the night.

The plan is to contain the spot fires north of the Jack Mountain road and continue to go direct on the north east corner and eastern edge of the fire with HETF and Handcrews. There is concern this mission will not be able to be successful if requested resources and replacement resources area not filled. Many of our resources on this fire time will be timing out in the next few days. Orders to back fill these resources have gone unfilled. The team will continue to utilize aviation resources as needed to increase the possibility for success.

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