Dear Editor:

As the November midterm elections approach, an issue you won’t see on the ballot is murder: do you support murder?

Murder prevails in many forms in our society, the most common being abortion. Despite abundant, accessible scientific evidence (ultrasounds, detection of early heartbeat, babies in the womb squirming away from dismemberment), people continue to vote taxpayer funds, including the current proposed Medicaid expansion in Idaho, for this gruesome form of murder. Dumping aborted babies into landfills (as has been done) is illegal, but abortion is still lawful.

It is deceitfully called “reproductive health rights” or “a women’s right to choose.” Abortion is not a right but a wrong; it is killing a preborn child who is utterly defenseless.

Another increasingly common form of murder occurs from the indiscriminate (or even purposeful) dispensing of powerful, toxic psychiatric drugs that cause violent, sometimes self-destructive actions. Many school shootings, random shootings, and suicides (self-murder) fall into this category.

A third incitement to murder results from programming by the mainstream media first to hate and then to kill those with whom you disagree or whom you blame for your own problems and failures. Watching violent, occult TV shows or bloody video games desensitizes viewers to committing murder, even glorifying this hideous crime.

A final category of murder, very popular politically to defeat one’s enemy and gain power, is character assassination. We witnessed this form of murder recently during confirmation hearings for a Supreme Court Justice when unproven allegations were often equated with guilt.

Now each voter must decide whether those being voted for are supporters of murder or even actual murderers through their political machine or personal agenda.

Voting is not a casual action. One must become informed and resist the temptation to give power to those who promote murder while outlawing legitimate self-defense. Your own life may be at stake.

Mary Hohmann


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