Dear Editor:

When I observed that there was not one person willing to stand for election to the office of Clearwater County Coroner, I immediately consulted with our current Coroner, Rick Miller about the situation.  Rick has been in the position for many years and is currently running for County Commissioner and has a better than average chance of winning the primary, and is ready to move away from being Coroner.  He explained how he tried to recruit someone to take on the position but couldn’t find anyone with suitable talent and willingness to take on a rather thankless job.

I then researched the duties in both rule principles and practical theory and found that I have the varied knowledge in law, medicine and administration needed to fulfill those duties. The County Coroner doesn’t have to be a doctor or pathologist and there are only a few medical-type procedures that are ever carried out.  Indeed, a County Coroner is not expected to have intense medical background but requires some advanced education, and basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology and terminology – which I have.  They are also required to have a background in information gathering, rules of evidence, and investigation techniques – which I also have.

I am therefore, standing for election as a write-in candidate for the Republican Party primary on May 17 2022 and request you write DENNIS FULLER in the Coroner section of all Republican ballots.

I am well known in this area and, whether they like me or not, I know anyone will tell you that “Dennis Fuller does what he says he’s going to do.” 

As your elected Coroner I promise to act with honesty, compassion, integrity, and respect for human dignity.  I promise to maintain competence and accountability for my actions.  I will perform the statutory duties without fear, prejudice or favor towards any person or institution and will always accept responsibility for my decisions.  And I promise to increase my knowledge of pertinent matters dealing with the effective performance of the office. 

Dennis Fuller


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