Dear Editor:

It gives me increased hope to watch conservationists join with outfitters and leaders of small rural Idaho communities, in their efforts to save the salmon and steelhead of Idaho.  We must be able to see beyond our perceived differences and unite in our many common goals, to address the issues of today and the future.

The dams are killing the fish. Now we must cooperate to save the fish, and build new technology to sustain our energy and agricultural needs as the dams are removed.   

There may be a lot of finger pointing and differing opinions as this process proceeds. Please remember that the group of experts that told us the dams would not affect the fish is part of the same groups that told us: 

a)      Smoking cigarettes does not cause lung cancer

b)      DDT is safe and does not hurt the birds

c)      Insecticides do not sicken people and fish

d)      Hanford can safely store radioactive waste forever

e)      Global warming is a hoax

  We were blessed with this small planet and the miracle of all the precious life forms upon it. It truly is a web of life. Human greed and short-sightedness is damaging that web severely. Look into the eyes of your children and grandchildren and protect all life for them.

  “Continue to contaminate your own bed, and you will one night suffocate in your own waste.”   - Chief Seattle   

Eric MacEachern

Orofino, ID

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