Dear Editor:

Our colleges have been pumping out anti-American leftist indoctrination for decades and it’s been poisoning our public K-12 education across the country. The majority of people didn’t notice it much until the jumble of climate change lunacy, critical race theory, intersectional feminism and transgenderism came together and became the religion of the woke. Combined with school board mishandling of COVID gives rise for a debate on a complete revamping of our schools. The illiteracy problem in America should concern everyone. We’re failing our children in STEM and life skills. We’ve all heard the horror stories.

Many citizens gifted with common sense know that the Public Education System is an extremely expensive mess that either miseducates or altogether fails to train an ever-increasing number of our children. Instead of the three R’s, kids are taught CRT and that Socialism is better than the Free Enterprise system - by teachers and administrators beholden to an entrenched bureaucracy and the NEA.  In my opinion, the entire problem is due to government interference in education. 

For one thing, politics and education don’t mix and we should first do everything we can to get the Feds and State out entirely. I suggest a new official policy that no tax dollars be spent to support education in America. Instead, all public education should be taken away from direct governmental bureaucratism and turned over to the cost-effective and quality-controlled operations skillfully perfected in the private sector of our American free enterprise system.

Education is too important to leave to government officials any longer. I believe the business of learning could be handled much more efficiently, both educationally and financially, by the private sector rather than a government regime. It’s time to make a case against government schools and return control of children’s education to their parents and communities.

Surely, we can help the helpless, but we help them least by tolerating an education system that is ruining the greatest resource of our country; the people. Who will help the children when our whole society collapses because of illiteracy? 

Dennis Fuller


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You watch too much Fox News

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