Dear Editor:

I am writing this in regards to last week’s issue of the Clearwater Tribune. In it there was a photo of a Kendrick school bus that slid off of Three Bear Road because of icy conditions. The Clearwater County Road Department as well as the Clearwater County Commissioners got an earful about the incident. Look at the picture closely, that bus had no chains on it! Really? The sander that was to be there that morning broke down which is no one’s fault, it wasn’t on purpose. This stuff happens.

My point is why did this bus not have chains on it? If my kids were on that bus I would be upset. There is no excuse for that driver not putting them on. A set of chains is cheaper than replacing a life.

I believe, if you are going to drive bus in this area you better know how to put chains on and do so when needed! We live in Idaho. It snows in the winter. Our roads get slick and icy. Adjust your driving to the conditions. The County Road Department can’t be everywhere at once. We have limited resources, manpower and equipment. We do the best we can.

Ted Brown

Clearwater County Road Department

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