Dear Editor,

It appears my opponents are trying to change the Clearwater County Commissioners appointments into something it’s never been. A job where you are working 40 hours a week. What’s next, burden the taxpayers by increasing the Commissioner Salary?

The Clearwater County Commissioners just like a large majority of other counties in Idaho meet and handle business one day a week. I am not saying that there are not things the Commissioners do outside of those days ie: other meetings, phone calls and scheduled business responsibilities for the county. I agree you cannot be affective if you’re not there, I work and live in Clearwater County and I am accessible seven days a week. I WILL BE THERE. However, the old way of thinking that things can’t get done unless you’re at a desk, micromanaging other elected officers and appoint supervisors is not good business or leadership.

Rest assured if elected I have the management, leadership and organizational skills to be successful in serving as a city police officer and county commissioner.  I am up for the task and have proven it in the past as the elected Coroner for Clearwater County and still being a full-time officer.  I handled both jobs for a four-year term with the professionalism needed without any issues, and, unlike being a commissioner, I did not have the opportunity to schedule my appointments as I could not schedule deaths in Clearwater County.

Unlike other candidates who have a conflict in their current role in the county. I do not have a conflict or ethical issue in doing both jobs, which was confirmed in a letter given to the Orofino City Council from Clearwater County Prosecutor Clayne Tyler. Just like one of my opponents did not have an issue as a City Council member and being a County employee, I do not have a conflict being a City Employee and County Commissioner.

To the people who think you can only be a good commissioner and nothing else, what do farmers, director of non-profit, construction manager, cattle ranchers, physical therapists, commercial roofer, business owners, property manager, and engineer all have in common? They are all sitting county commissioners in Northern Idaho.

With your vote I would like to add Police Officer to that List.

Vote Vincent Frazier County Commissioner

Vincent Frazier


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