Dear Editor:

What in the World has happened to the Republican Party? The Republican National Committee recently meeting in Salt Lake City says that the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol—in which nine people died, more than 150 law enforcement officers were injured, offices were ransacked, and rioters spread feces on the walls—was “legitimate political discourse.” That means for any ruling I disagree with I am allowed to take my gun and shoot the office holder I don’t like since shooting is now a “legitimate form of political discourse.” 

That’s not the Republican Party I remember. I thought the Republican Party was in favor of our American Constitution and law and order. Every authority working at validating the election including many Republicans have been unable to find a single instance of voter fraud in favor of Biden, but they have found fraud in favor of Trump. Are Republicans now saying they are above the law? Is it time for Republicans to be a little more selective in who they support?  Do we need to form a whole new legitimate Republican Party?

Chuck Raddon 


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